24Battle: the competition that rocks your Infuser Bottle recipes

20 Nov 2019

A challenge featuring Infuser Bottle recipes, food bloggers, a jury of creative talents and a special guest

Why a 24Battle?

We wanted to explore the wonders of our exclusive Infuser Collection in a fun and pleasant way.
That’s why we challenged four contestants to imagine the perfect match fo the Infuser Bottle recipes.

Under a light November rain, we gathered at Tenoha, a special place where creatives can meet, work, eat and exchange, where four food talents prepared their delicious recipes. 

To crown the winner, we invited a jury of three creative people representing 24Bottles’ passions: design, fashion and good food.

Giulia Torelli (@rockandfiocc), via her Rock’n’Fiocc pseudonym, shares her lifestyle secrets and advices, with a sense of humour that has become her signature. Alice De Togni (@alicedetogni) is an interior and graphic designer in love with fashion, always ready to share her best looks with her Instagram community. Deborah Spinelli (@deborahfashionsport) found a way to combine her two passions, sport and fashion, becoming a reference for all the sport addicted who do not renounce to style.

Who was 24Battle’s host?

The very special host of 24Battle was Marco Bianchi (@marcobianchioff), nutritionist and food mentor, who works with the Veronesi Foundation since 2008 to promote the rules of proper nutrition. Through his blog, cooking books and diversified projects, he devotes himself to spreading his deep conviction: a healthy and equilibrated diet is the key to happiness.

Marco seized the opportunity of the contest to provide useful tips on how to balance a healthy and tasteful diet while approving the ingredients and combinations suggested for the Infuser Bottle recipes.

We tried not to get too distracted by the infusions’ delicate flavours and vibrant colours of the delicious creations, and we noted down the four recipes for you.
You’re welcome!

Instant Porridge and Karkadé

300ml coconut milk
200gr oats
1 basket of fresh raspberries
2 teaspoons of chia seeds
20gr roasted hazelnuts
20gr dried mulberries
20gr chocolate chips
3 tbs honey

Elena Saracino (@sequestoeunuovo) is a web designer that founded the joyful cooking blog “Se questo è un uovo” to share her recipes and explore her creativity.

Yogomisù with mint, berries and peppermint infused water

1 cup cold peppermint infusion
300gr Greek yogurt
1 tbs icing sugar
2 tbs of cane sugar
50gr flaked almonds
200gr mixed berries
100gr ladyfingers
fresh mint

You can learn much about Viola Fregosi(@unpizzicodiviola) reading her blog “Un pizzico di Viola”, where you can dive into creativity, colours and cooking tips.

Fresh persimmon jam and fruits infusion

4 persimmons
50gr chia seeds
200gr water
100ml maple syrup
Granola raw:
60gr oat flakes
100gr walnuts
6 Medjool dates
50gr sunflower seeds
3 tbs coconut oil
1 tbs cinnamon powder
50gr dehydrated coconut
20gr unsweetened cocoa powder
300gr Greek yogurt

Reading “The Bluebird Kitchen” is entering the world of Francesca Giovannelli (@thebluebirdkitchen), discovering recipes, travel memories, and homestyle advices.

Fruit salad reloaded and vanilla infusion

150g low-fat Greek vanilla yogurt
6 tbs granola
2 kiwis
1 banana
1 lemon
A few blackberries
2 tbs wildflower honey
1 chunk dark chocolate
Half a tbs flaked almonds

Valentina Delle Rose (@valentinadellerose) combines her biggest passions on her blog “Il Profumo di te”, “The smell of you”, a tender tribute to her son, to whom many of her posts and recipes are dedicated.

Who won 24Battle? 

Find out who won the very first 24Battle, and be ready to steal all the clever tips for your Infuser Bottle recipes.

If aprons, yogurt and karkadé are your guilty pleasure, keep scrolling: we have a treat for you.

Check the video below!

24Battle: the video featuring all four Infuser Bottle recipes

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