24Bottles and Daniel Espirito Santo: for The Love Of The Oceans

19 Aug 2018

24Bottles and Daniel Espirito Santo sign a Limited Edition to celebrate our love for the Oceans and raise awareness around environmental issues.

24Bottles and Daniel Espirito Santo: for The Love Of The Oceans reusable insulated stainless steel bottle
24Bottles and Daniel Espirito Santo: the Reef Collection

When we stumbled across his Instagram profile, we could instantly feel the sea breeze blowing in our hair while hearing the noise of the waves crashing at our feet. Daniel Espirito Santo is a photographer and cinematographer from Peniche, Portugal. His landscape and travel photography is vivid and powerful, as is his passion for the Sea. We came to be great admirers of his work at once, and we wanted to create a collection together, the Reef Collection.

24Bottles – How long have you been living in Peniche? Tell us a bit more about it.
Daniel Espirito Santo – I heard the call of the ocean about four years ago, I was tired of the life I had in the city, and I began to feel unhappy, disconnected from myself and from my own nature, the ocean always echoed in my mind. and one day I decided to abandon everything and go live by the sea in Baleal.
Baleal is a beach north of Peniche, it is a magical place, with many bays and different places surrounded by the ocean, where you can feel the Nature very strong, a place where you feel alive. There are plenty of cinematic views and waves of all kinds, and for me as a photographer and a passionate surfer has become the perfect place to live and establish myself. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

24Bottles and Daniel Espirito Santo insulated bottle
24Bottles and Daniel Espirito Santo: the Reef Collection

24B – Daniel, when where and how did you start surfing?
DES – I started surfing around 17 years ago. When I was a kid, I used to fish with my father, and spent hours looking at the sea, the waves and the surfers, my fascination started there, when I had the opportunity I bought my first surfboard and wetsuits, and I started learning on my own, since that surfing became a big part of my life. It has become a great passion and now a way of life.

24B – Do you go around a lot for work?
DES – Most of the work I do here because it’s a cinematographic place, the light is incredible and I know every corner of it, so most of the time the clients ask me to work here. But photography has already led me to work in incredible places like Maldives, Morocco, USA, Azores islands, Andorra, Spain, Germany.

24B – You never travel without…
DES – I travel mostly in my car, I have a 4×4 prepared for exploring and to sleep inside, and I always take my photography gear, my surfboards, my dogs, and now always my bottle.

24B – What inspires you and motivates you to do what you do?
DES – Nature and especially the Ocean is my main inspiration, it balances me, inspire me, it’s always present and remains the essence of my work. All come from there.

24B – How do you see the future of the Ocean?
DES – Unfortunately, I do not see a promising future, current society is disconnected from nature, and we are consuming unnecessary things, and creating too much garbage, much of it will end up in the oceans. I realized that when I came to live near the sea and cross with all that junk that comes every day to the beach. You start to rethink it all. But not all is bad, I see now more people and more companies aware of this problem, and maybe in the future people, in general, can become more aware, but the change must start from each of us in our daily life.

24B – What camera do you use?
DES – I use Sony cameras, because they are loyal, very good for both Video and photo, very good quality, and allows me to adapt some analogue lenses to get a unique look.

24B – What about your surfboard?
DES – I ride 90% of the times a longboard, I like the classic style of surfing, to walk on the board and share waves with friends, it´s a lot of fun, and a relaxed way of surfing, Also allows you to surf very tiny waves and at the same time catch some big waves.

24B – What’s on your headphones?
DES -I like a lot world music and most of the time I’m listening to some artists from Africa. It puts me always in a very positive mood.

24B – How do you like 24Bottles?
DES – I Really like it, they are very useful and with a beautiful design, I stop buying plastic bottles, and I drink much more water during the day. And it feels good to always have a warm tea or a fresh water when you came out of the water.

The limited edition Clima Bottles will help cleaning up the Oceans for good, as 10% of the proceeds will be destined to our partners in green, the Clean Ocean Project.