24Bottles and Elena Salmistraro for Malala Fund. Design meets charity.

12 Apr 2019

24Bottles and Elena Salmistraro have teamed up during Milan Design Week 2019 to create a brand-new collection designed to support Malala Fund.

24Bottles and Elena Salmistraro

24Bottles and Elena Salmistraro have teamed up to create a brand-new collection, launched during Milan Design Week 2019, designed to raise awareness on girls’ education (andsustainability), linked to a giving back project supporting Malala Fund.

Along with the young, talented Milanese designer we’ve given life to a poetic project, suspended between the earthly and the divine, narrating the indissoluble relationship between man and nature.

Elena Salmistraro’s graphic art decorates the steel of 24Bottles and tells two different stories, forming the background to two major and interconnected subjects: altruism and the protection of women.

Śakra Urban Bottle and the Moon Rabbit legend (Tsuki no Usagi)

The graphic on Sàkra Urban Bottle is a story in pictures from Elena Salmistraro’s point of view. The artist chose to represent the famous oriental legend of the Moon Rabbit, that revolves around the theme of altruism.
According to the Buddhist Jataka tales, the story sees as the lead characters a brave and generous rabbit, alongside with the ruler of the Trāyastriṃśa Heaven.

“Many years ago, the Old Man of the Moon decided to visit the Earth. He disguised himself as a beggar and asked Fox (Kitsune), Monkey (Saru), and Rabbit (Usagi) for some food.
Monkey climbed a tree and brought him some fruit. Fox went to a stream, caught a fish, and brought it back to him. But Rabbit had nothing to offer him but some grass. So he asked the beggar to build a fire. After the beggar started the fire, Rabbit jumped into it and offered himself as a meal for the beggar to eat.
Quickly the beggar changed back into the Old Man of the Moon and pulled Rabbit from the fire. He said “You are most kind, Rabbit, but don’t do anything to harm yourself. Since you were the kindest of all to me, I’ll take you back to the moon to live with me.”
The Old Man carried Rabbit in his arms back to the moon and he is still there to this very day exactly where the Old Man left him. Just look at the moon in the night sky and the rabbit is there!”

Diana Clima Bottle and the power of women

The influence that guided Elena Salmistraro for Diana Clima Bottle’s graphics derives from the Latin mythology.
Diana is the protecting divinity of women, guardian of springs, streams and wild animals, who accompanied by nymphs frequented woods, mountains and fresh clearings with her mystical aura.

About Elena Salmistraro
Elena Salmistraro is a Milanese designer and artist. She works as a product designer, artist and illustrator for leading companies in the creative sector, and her partnerships include: Apple, Disney, Alessi, Bosa, Seletti, Timberland, Replay, LuisaViaRoma and Yoox.
Her designs have been selected for some major art exhibitions. In 2016, she took part in W-Women in Italian Design. She was appointed world ambassador of Italian design in 2017 during “Italian Design Day”.
In 2017 she won the “Best Emerging Designer Award” at the Salone del Mobile – “Salone del Mobile Milano Award”. In 2018 she was appointed Ambassador of the Brera Design District for the FuoriSalone at the Milan Salone del Mobile.

About Malala Fund

Design, sustainability and zero emissions, but that’s not all: the 24Bottles + Elena Salmistraro Collection is also a charity effort.
24Bottles will in fact be donating 10% of profits to Malala Fund, the ONG founded by the Nobel peace prize-winning Malala Yousafzai, who is committed to ensuring the right to education, training and employment for girls all over the world.