24Bottles and Italian design: understanding the beauty of marble

29 May 2020

24Bottles and Italian design are tightly connected: our love for design comes from a long tradition of craftsmanship and hard work that, in centuries, have shaped many cities, monuments and artwoks.
Today, we want to get to know better one of the noblest material of all times, a synonym of class and elegance all over the world: Carrara Marble.
We decided to ask an expert, Valentina, owner with her brother, Alessandro, of a marble processing workshop in Liguria.

Valentina, how did you become so passionate about your work?

I guess you can say I inherited it: it was my great-grandfather who opened the workshop in 1913, passing on his passion and savoir-faire to Alessandro and me, who are the fourth generation of marble artisans. 

Today, we interpret this thousand-year-old material transforming it into everyday objects: bowls, cutting boards, but also mouse pads and supports for smartphones and tablets. We offer the possibility to keep home a piece of tradition, handmade objects able to awaken ancient sensations.

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

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What are the most surprising characteristics of marble you have discovered during these years?

I have discovered that there are many kinds of white. Carrara Marble can be milk-white, or more greyish, like a cloudy sky. Marble veins are its fingerprints: they change depending on the part of the mountain from which the marble slab is extracted. When I was a child, they used to say that my great-grandfather was able to identify the extraction site of a piece of marble only by examining its veins.

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

Your workshop also makes custom-made objects. What is the strangest request a customer has ever made?

One hot summer day, this gentleman shows up and asks me to make him a slab of Carrara Marble. He gives me precise measurements, and when it’s ready, he comes to pick it up, satisfied. I thought he needed it for the kitchen worktop or something like that.
A few weeks later, he comes back to thank me. He tells me that his dog is really pleased with his new kennel. He had bought a Carrara Marble slab to keep its dog cool while sleeping during the warmer weather!

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

From 24Bottles and Italian design’s savoir-faire were born our beautiful and functional objects for everyday hydration. What is your favourite 24Bottles?

Carrara Clima Bottle, of course! The marble veins are incredibly realistic, and the 330 ml version is a kind of “prêt-à-porter”! I always keep it in my study when I sketch new products, and I put it in my bag when I visit the workshop to choose the marble slab or check the prototypes.

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

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