24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli for Plastic Whale Foundation: together for plastic-free waters!

22 Apr 2020

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli united their efforts to create an exclusive collaboration. The Olimpia Zagnoli X 24Bottles Travel Tumbler Collection was born to sensitize the public over plastic pollution.

We are super excited to collaborate with the young, Italian illustrator. Her unmistakable style of smooth lines and bright colours transports us to a much more colourful and joyous world, where we would love to stay forever.

There’s something that makes the Olimpia Zagnoli X 24Bottles collaboration even more unique. The collection is indeed dedicated to supporting the Plastic Whale Foundation waters clean-up projects, through a donation made by 24Bottles.

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli: Meet the artist

Olimpia grew up in a creative environment, where she learnt to use all of her six senses and explore different techniques.

Colour is the real protagonist of her work. It turns into shapes and lines, giving life to a kaleidoscopic world where people’s hair can be blue, and perspective is just a game to play with. Olimpia says she draws the characters she would want to meet down the street.

She has worked with editorial brands, creating illustrations for The New York Times and The New Yorker. She even brought some colour to the New York subway system!

In the last few years, Olimpia started experimenting with design and fashion brands throughout Europe and the USA. She created three capsules collections for Marella, while some of her illustrations became shirts and shoes for Prada, and wall design for the first Uniqlo store in Milan.

After exposing at The Guggenheim Museum and the Antonio Colombo Gallery in Milan, Olimpia accepted the challenge of creating an exclusive collection for 24Bottles.

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli: what do we have in common?

Olimpia Zagnoli entered the 24Bottles’ world, and nothing has been the same again. As she embraced our mission to free the world from single-use plastics, we’ve been inundated by her creativity, impressive talent, and, of course, brilliant use of colours.

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli’s collaboration comes from our belief in the power of creative synergies.

Olimpia, just like us, is convinced that design and art can play a role in encouraging sustainable practices. She shares our love for colours, the passion for design and sustainable commitment.

As she states “Collaborating with brands like 24Bottles and the Plastic Whale Foundation is definitely a way for me to give my contribution. And hopefully, send messages that will help people relate to important topics like climate change, and how important it is to preserve and take care of our Planet”.


Olimpia’s inspiration for the exclusive Travel Tumbler collection comes from vintage picnic equipment typical of the ’60s and ’70s. Patterns that we can now find only in granny’s or mom’s cupboards, as well as at the flea market.

Why a mermaid?
In Olimpia’s words “the mermaid […] is a fantastic creature that resembles perfectly the connection between our world and the natural world”.

A chat with the illustrator

About Plastic Whale Foundation

Plastic Whale Foundation is a Dutch NGO that turns plastic fishing into a powerful lesson for youngsters around Amsterdam, who can enjoy an entertaining education program on sustainability.

The project is backed by Plastic Whale, whose mission is to “set people into action and inspire others to do the same in order to clean waters from plastic”. Plastic Whale is the first plastic rescue company in the world, which now operates in Amsterdam. They turn the collected plastics into stunning design furniture, aiming to “create economic value from plastic waste, involving as many people as possible”.

They have a fleet of thirtheen boats made from Amsterdam Canals’ plastics and have reached over 10,000 people with their unique ‘plastic fishing’ tours in the city’s canals.

Their ultimate goal? Going out of business!

In their own words “Plastic Whale was founded to solve a problem, not to run the same business for 30+ years and slowly work toward our pensions. We were founded to go out of business. Although we know that it doesn’t just happen, this should always be our motivation. Just imagine the canals of Amsterdam, clean from plastic waste. When that happens, we aim to take our business further afield to other plastic-rich waters.”

“Stop Talking, Let’s start doing” is their motto, showing the urgency to take action and the belief in the positive power of doing together.

We couldn’t agree more. After all, our battle cry has always been #startwithabottle!

That is why we decided to support Plastic Whale Foundation by making a donation: to celebrate this exclusive collection and to take further steps to reduce global environmental impact.

Take a dive in the collection!