24Bottles at Bologna Design Week: a zero waste event

04 Oct 2018

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week: a zero waste event, with a taste for design.
24Bottles, a designer café, a master engraver, an exhibit: a magical night during the Bologna Design Week.

Party cup

24Bottles‘ Party Cup is the queen of every zero-waste event. The exclusive soirée we set up last September during Bologna Design Week was the perfect evening to celebrate sustainability in style.
A reusable stainless steel pint Party Cup is a smart pick for a sustainable event, without giving up on elegance.
A fashionable alternative to single-use plastic cups and fragile glasses, 24Bottles’ Party Cup can carry any kind of drink, from water to cocktails, and most importantly, they’re carbon neutral.
Are you planning a branded event? Don’t miss the opportunity to spread your logo and provide your guests with a personalized Party Cup.

ZOO: bakery, bagels place…and much more

Partner-in-crime for our Design Night was ZOO, a designer café in the heart of Bologna. It’s a bakery, a bagels place, a bookshop and a gallery with an attitude for sustainability.
All the splendid people at ZOO love everything design-related, and they’ve created a zero-waste buffet with a perfect colour-matching palette to 24Bottles’ designs: a feast for the eyes and the palate.

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week reusable bottle

A master engraver

esign is nothing without some skilled craftsmanship. Last September we were celebrating the Bologna Design Week, that’s why we’ve partnered with an exceptional artist.
If 24Bottles’ Party Cup was the queen of the party, the master engraver Simone Cervellati was the undisputed king.
His skilful hands created extraordinary personalizations, with much delight of our guests, who went home with a unique engraving on their 24Bottles.


For a Design Night worthy of the name we couldn’t fail to provide some work of art to entertain our beloved guests.
That’s why we’ve supported ZOO and contributed to creating a 24Bottles themed exhibit with authentic everyday objects and tools: a real-life mood board for Instagram addicted.

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week stainless steel bottle

Guests and friends:24Bottles at Bologna Design Week

As some lounge music played in the background, our guests strolled and chatted with each other in the cozy atmosphere of our zero-waste Design Night. And yes, we had fun!

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week stainless steel reusable bottle