24Bottles’ Christmas Gift Guide for fashion lovers

09 Dec 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for fashion lovers: go sustainable with 24Bottles!

If you’re looking for gift ideas to surprise someone special who loves fashion, fear no more: this 24Bottles’ Christmas Gift Guide is exactly what you need!

Our mission at 24Bottles is to encourage people embracing a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle while keeping the personal style in check.

Yes, we believe that good design can change things for the better and can help people improve their health and quality of life as well as their look, in an environmentally friendly way.

Carefully designed in Italy, extra lightweight and sustainable, gifting a 24Bottles is the right choice to amaze your special ones with an unexpected and thoughtful gift idea.

Gift idea: match 24Bottles with an outfit!

As mentioned above, our mission is to get rid of those unhealthy, unelegant, and most of all, dangerous plastic bottles.
Choosing 24Bottles means taking care of yourself, your loved ones and the environment. And you can achieve all that while keeping your style flawless.
Available in a wide range of colours, patterns, styles and finishings, you can match 24Bottles to someone else’s (or your) favourite outfit.

Extra lightweight and easy-to-carry!

Urban Bottle is the most lightweight water bottle you will ever handle.
Other than style, we at 24Bottles designed our water bottles thinking about function and comfort.
That’s why Urban Bottle and Clima Bottle can be easily slipped into a handbag!

We at 24Bottles thought of all of you that need your coffee as hot as just-brewed, and your fresh water always by your side.
Our insulated and double-walled Clima Bottle keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.
You can fill your Clima Bottle with boiling hot coffee in the morning and taste it hours later at work, still steaming hot.
Are you headed for a hot summer day at the beach? Take along your Clima Bottle filled with cold water and you’ll be surprised by how long it stays cool and keeps you refreshed under the sun!

Gift for him

The extensive selection of Urban Bottle and Clima Bottle’s styles and accessories include of course a great variety of options, which can delight even the most attentive gentleman.

What makes your gift from 24Bottles even more valuable?

With 24Bottles your Christmas gifts are entirely sustainable.
When refilling our stainless steel bottles, you are saving our planet from single-use plastics.
Plus, we offset our carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects throughout the world.