24Bottles for sustainable coworking: the wayCO’s way

wayCO chose 24Bottles for sustainable coworking spaces in Valencia

24Bottles sustainable coworking

24Bottles is the perfect solution for companies that want to improve their sustainable side, as wayCO did.


The story behind wayCO’s decision to adopt 24Bottles in its workspaces is similar to that of thousands of businesses.

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are looking for an alternative to dismiss plastic bottles inside their offices and headquarters.


Reducing the use of plastic at the workplace is one of many sustainable goals that companies all over the world try to accomplish.

Replacing plastic-bottled water with fountains and giving employees a reusable water bottle is a smart way to tackle the problem.

24Bottles sustainable coworking

At wayCO, the most prominent coworking space in Valencia’s city centre, they’ve achieved this purpose with 24Bottles.

But wait, that’s not a common 24Bottles! We customized the wayCO’s Urban Bottles with the company’s logo, thus creating a unique, sustainable, and reusable water bottle.


As they say at wayCO:
“If you want to change things, start by doing them differently. REINVENT, change your habits, step out of your own world, take other points of view, listen to others.”


That’s what they did, precisely: they started drinking water from a sustainable, stylish, reusable water bottle.


Way to go, wayCO!

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