DIESEL x 24Bottles: discover the new special edition Clima Bottle

30 Oct 2019

24Bottles and DIESEL
joined forces to raise awareness
about ocean health.

Stainless steel, indigo blue and plastic-free

24Bottles and DIESEL combined their efforts by signing an exclusive Special Edition Clima Bottle with an original design.

Inspired by the iconic indigo blue, DIESEL x 24Bottles Clima Bottle immediately recalls the timeless colour of denim fabric, a cornerstone of the clothing brand. The bottle itself, made of stainless steel, closely evokes the metal applications of many DIESEL works.

The colour-graded finish created by 24Bottles calls to mind the ocean’s depth, putting the focus on the environment that suffers the most from plastic pollution.
The motto steel lungs to breathe underwater is immersed in the indigo blue of the sea and is engraved in Clima Bottle’s steel as an invitation to avoid disposable plastic for the health of the marine ecosystem.

Don’t leave it breathless

The ocean is Earth’s largest ecosystem and covers almost three-quarters of our Planet’s surface. It comprises 96 per cent of its living space and provides around half of the oxygen we breathe.

Ocean safety will become increasingly stressed over the coming decades. Human activity has an impact on local, regional and global scales on this precious resource.
Ocean deoxygenation, increasing seawater temperature, open-water acidification, overfishing and of course increasing levels of plastic pollution will lead to significant changes in marine physics, chemistry, and biology. Such developments will have an effect on the environment in ways we only begin to understand.

That’s why we engraved the motto steel lungs to breathe underwater on the DIESEL x 24Bottles Clima Bottle, knowing that acting immediately is important and that every small action taken today could have a positive impact in the future.

Discover the OTB
“No Plastic campaign”

A real commitment

OTB is an international fashion group, the parent company of iconic brands Diesel, Maison Margiela, Viktor&Rolf, Marni, Amiri, and state-of-the-art companies Staff International and Brave Kid. The environmental, social and economic challenges of the fashion industry are diverse and complex. They must be faced one at a time with an overall vision and above all with the awareness that sustainability is a goal that could be reached only gradually and over time.

The idea of ​​the 24Bottles x DIESEL collaboration was born by the shared vision on sustainability, which led to a real commitment and subsequent action by OTB. To encourage the adoption of sustainable daily practices, as well as the environmental impact of each individual, the group provided all its employees with sustainable bottles.

Remove Plastic from Water by Removing Water from Plastic is the message of the awareness campaign that involves all the OTB Italian companies for a total of 2,500 employees, and that in the coming months will be extended to the group’s foreign branches to reach a total of over 6,500 people.