24Bottles for your loved ones: let’s make it personal!

30 Jan 2019

24Bottles for your loved ones: let’s make it personal! Use 14 characters to spark your creativity and give your loved ones an exceptional present.

24Bottles for your loved ones: let’s make it personal!

We all know that special moment when you’re looking for an exclusive present for your dear ones: you want it to be beyond comparison and memorable.

Now you can make it even more unique.

You can personalize 24Bottles with a laser-engraved text to tell your loved ones whatever you like!Whether you pick a special name, choose an inspiring quote or prevent the bottle from being used by others with a “hands-off” warning, 24Bottles’ 14-characters personalization gives your bottle a unique identity.

It is also an idea to make your gift more personal, adding the recipient’s name, a special date or a message that you share.

Why personalizing?

Because, why not!?
Giving a personalized gift will make your loved ones feel even more special and thought of.

Adding a personal message or even their initials on their favourite 24Bottles will make them feel like their interests and preferences were actually being taken into account.

Plus, you will help them reduce their plastic consumption and go sustainable!

One of a kind

With 24Bottles’ personalization service you won’t give your loved ones “a gift”, but you will be giving “their gift”.

And it’s unbelievably easy!

Take a look at our range of stainless steel bottles and choose the perfect style for your loved ones, based on their interests and taste.

Then you have 14 characters to create an authentic gift and make it personal with a distinctive message!

You can also see a little preview to decide whether or not your message is the right one to be engraved, and that’s it: let us take care of your personalized 24Bottles and your loved ones will receive it directly at home!

Create a unique gift and make it personal.