24Bottles Gift Guide Christmas 2019

06 Dec 2019

Find the perfect gift for your loved ones

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Christmas is definitely in the air

You know that Santa is approaching when you see the lights hanging on your neighbor’s door, the decorations shimmering in the city center and you start feeling that familiar pressure rising as you see the days passing by.

Christmas presents, delight and dilemma of any December.

This year, we already have a present for you: a 24Bottles gift guide that will help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.
You will be choosing an original Italian design that can become their first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Eco Fashionista

Who says fashion is not about utility? 24Bottles proves that you don’t need to give up style to choose sustainable daily practices.

Perfect for: your fashion victim student buddy, your friend who can’t stop daydreaming, your super stylish grandmother.

We all know one. Those fashion victim who never go out wearing “whatever”, those romantics who stop in the streets to admire flowers or a stormy sky.
Choose these bottles for their delicate colours, noble marbles or timeless patterns and match them with any style. Their elegance will not go unnoticed, and you will be adding a graceful touch to the habits of your loved ones.

The clever tip: Choose the 330 ml size to fit perfectly any girl’s bag

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Active Urbanite

Live urban spaces in a new, eco-conscious way, embrace their frenetic activity and start building a sustainable future by choosing a reusable 24Bottles.

Perfect for: your skater boyfriend, your creative sister, your sporty dad.

City is their favourite playground full of opportunities, and they want to grab all of them. Staying healthy and hydrated is crucial, and the best way to do that is carrying a 24Bottles that match their dynamic temperament.

The clever tip: Add Bottle Tie, the perfect accessory to carry 24Bottles in a secure, but stylish way.

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Outdoor Explorer

24Bottles Gift Guide for Christmas 2019 continues with 24Bottles’ most outdoorsy style and indulge your loved ones’ thirst for adventure

Perfect for: your adventurous siblings, your best friend addicted to hiking, your clumsy favourite colleague.

For those who just can’t stand still, and can’t wait to get out there with their energy. They will fill their 24Bottles with the refreshment of their choice before embarking on a walk in the fields, a run through the forest or an outdoor escapade with friends.

The clever tip: Choose the Hammertone Finish, the most robust paint at 24Bottles. Extraordinarily strong and long-lasting, it prevents scratches and provide a glossy texture.

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Infusion Lover

With Infuser Bottle, you can make your favourite tea in your favourite bottle: an all-in-one alternative in a beautifully designed accessory.

Perfect for: your karkade’s lover mum, the kind neighbour that took care of your cat last summer, your friend who loves TV series and blankets.

Dedicated to all the tea persons of your life, the Infuser Bottle is the best solution to take their most-liked brews on the go. They can now bring their hot tea to the office and their freshly infused water to the gym.

The clever tip: Combine the Infuser Lid with any 24Bottles, all of our lids are made to fit all of our bottles.

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24Bottles Gift Guide for Christmas 2019: find the perfect gift for your loved ones!

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