24Bottles and Politecnico di Torino: the sustainability project

12 Dec 2018

24Bottles and Politecnico di Torino: a new sustainability project for students

In a bid to cut disposable plastic waste, the Politecnico di Torino (or as they call it, PoliTO), chose 24Bottles for its big sustainability project.

PoliTO has made it easier for staff and students to use water bottles on campus, and 24Bottles was its choice partner in this great project! Starting from October 2018, taking sustainable actions is more comfortable for the PoliTo community.

24Bottles and Politecnico di Torino

We at 24Bottles are proud to help them achieve their sustainability goals with our carbon neutral reusable water bottles. Reducing single-use plastic on campus Drinking water points were installed across the campus to allow staff and students easier access to free water.

Also, PoliTo wanted to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles on campus. This way, students and academics participate actively in the campus’ sustainability challenge to reducing the plastic consumption. Indeed, the Politecnico di Torino has calculated that more than 500kg of plastic are collected each week.

A 24Bottles for each freshmen! The commitment to pursuing sustainability through better waste management is therefore intensified. PoliTo is offering all those attending the University the opportunity to choose an alternative to plastic every day.  More than ten fountains have been distributed throughout the campus for this purpose. In addition to that, all the freshmen of the year 2018/2019 have been given a brand new 24Bottles branded PoliTO Green Team.

The awareness campaign: #MyPoliTObottle PoliTo has also started a great awareness campaign throughout the campus, on the university’s website and on social media. The campaign includes the hashtag #MyPoliTObottle and a dedicated Instagram account.

This way, students are encouraged to sharing their customized bottles. In fact, the 24Bottles branded PoliTO Green Team have been given along with an array of decorative stickers. Students can express themselves and share their commitment to reducing plastic consumption!