Green Is An Attitude

At 24Bottles we believe that little things can make big things happen.

Green is an attitude - 24Bottles Treedom carbon offsetting

Last year the 24Bottles community (YOU!) made it possible: just by reusing your bottle, you all saved more than 40 tons of CO2 . That’s a huge amount, isnt’it? And as we say, you made it one sip at a time, saving 80 grams per every refill.

Planting seeds is a metaphor for what we do every day, trying to inspire more and more people to love and respect the place we live in.
We are therefore more than proud to introduce you to our forest. Yes! We have our own forest, and we named it Oxygen.
Our brand-new partnership with Treedom allowed us to plant 1500 trees in 4 different countries in order to offset the emissions coming from the life cycle of every bottle we produce.

24Bottles Treedom carbon offset

What made us fall in love with Treedom, is their thorough approach to reforestation: “The tree you’re planting will help everyone around the world. It will grow, it will give fruits to the farmers taking care of it, it will absorb Co2, it will bring oxygen and make the planet a greener place.”
Treedom is a community made of more than 99000 people, more than 400 companies involving more than 23000 farmers all around the world, making it a better place for everybody.

Oxygen, la foresta di 24Bottles in collaborazione con Treedom
Oxygen 24Bottles Forest Treedom

As for today, Oxygen counts 1500 trees spread in 5 different countries and allowed us to make up for more than a hundred thousand kilograms of CO2.
Oxygen spreads its branches from Sicily (where we have some nice Orange trees) to Haiti, Cameroon, Kenya and Nepal. We chose to seed plenty of different trees: cacao, banana, pomegranate, coffee, avocado, mango, tephrosia and guava, moringa, and mango.

24Bottles Treedom carbon offsetting through reforestation
Clima Bottle - Carbon Neutral Water Bottle
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