24Bottles for hotels and resorts: the Kasiiya Papagayo in Costa Rica

The experience of Kasiiya Papagayo in Costa Rica: 24Bottles for hotels and resorts


The Kasiiya Papagayo Retreat in Costa Rica chose 24Bottles to avoid the use of plastic bottled water throughout the resort, giving their guests a completely sustainable experience.

A zero impact resort

Kasiiya is located in Papagayo, Guanacaste, in the North West coast of Costa Rica, bordering the Pacific, a province well known for its warm seas, beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery.


Sustainability has always been central for the people at Kasiiya, even from the very beginning. When designing the entire retreat, the world-renowned architects AW2 involved in the project had in mind one specific target: the environment.


“Prioritise the forest. From the very beginning, the conservation of the tropical forest has been paramount. Our intention throughout the project is not to have minimal impact on the environment, but zero.”


Endless nature, sustainable choices.

As the owners say “Kasiiya is not a hotel. Kasiiya is part of nature“. The entire retreat is built on timber platforms from natural materials, leaving no scar on its landscape.


Sustainability is about the choices you make:

“Kasiiya exists amongst the wildlife of Papagayo. Every decision we make is driven by our unity with our lush landscape and the wildlife it is home to. Every guest we welcome becomes part of our story.”


The suites at Kasiiya are eco-friendly, with beach or tropical forest views to be enjoyed from the sunbeds while sipping from Sequoia Wood Clima Bottle, that fits perfectly with the resort’s natural setting.

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