Send your #messageinabottle with 24Bottles: share positivity and support the fight against COVID-19

27 Mar 2020

Why 24Bottles

As we are forced to change our way of life and habits to face the COVID-19, slowly adjusting to quarantine all around the world, it’s important to remember that we’re in this together.

We sing with our neighbours from the windows, we have a drink with friends on Skype, we follow the most popular hashtags on social media to feel that we are all facing the same difficulties.
At 24Bottles, we wanted to make our contribution and join the solidarity efforts thatmake us feel we’re not alone.

During this difficult time, we know a bottle isn’t the most important primary good, but it can be a way of sending a positive message to someone far away to tell them that everything will be OK.

24Bottles #messageinabottle is an initiative launched on our Instagram profile and designed to send a positive message. It will be your way of reaching someone far away and tell them that everything will be OK.
Keep reading to discover how to participate.
It’s free and easy, help us to share positivity!

Get your smartphones out, everyone!
This time, you won’t need thick paper, nor waterproof ink. Instead of rolling your message, you will just type it on your phone and we’ll take care of the rest.

24Bottles #messageinabottle: how can I participate?

Step 1: Download the #messageinabottle template.

Step 2: Write down your message and sign it by tagging your profile (add hashtags #messageinabottle #andratuttobene, #distantimauniti, #togetherathome).

Step 3: Share your #messageinabottle in your Instagram Stories and tag @24bottles_official.

And then what happens?

Unlike old fashioned messages in bottles, you are sure your message will be successfully delivered. We will print it and add it in a random order placed on www.24bottles.comSoon, someone will receive your message and they will know we are all united beyond distances.
Whether your #messageinabottle will travel to the four corners of the world or reach someone only a few kilometers away, we are sure your words of encouragement, hope and positivity will be a real ray of sunshine during this difficult time.

Why should I participate?

By participating in #messageinabottle initiative, not only you will spread your message of hope, but you will bring real help in battling the disease.
10% of all sales on www.24bottles.com will be donated to support the fight against COVID-19 emergency until April 30th.

Thank you!

Thank you for sending so many #messageinabottle and sharing your positivity!
24Bottles’ community grew even stronger when those who received the message posted it on their Instagram, tagging the author and creating a real bond across miles and borders.

You helped us feel united beyond distances and raise funds to fight COVID-19 emergency! 10% of all online sales revenues during April 2020 have been donated to the Italian Civil Protection.
We have been amazed by your words of encouragement, your joyous drawings, your creativity and your willingness to overcome this difficult time, together.

At 24Bottles, we are committed to drive a positive change. Discover how we envision a better and greener future for the generations to come, and how we are building it: today, for tomorrow.

Stay tuned to discover the other initiatives we joined to fight the COVID-19 emergency.

24Bottles is a Certified B Corporation