24Bottles takes action against COVID-19

05 Jun 2020
24Bottles takes action against COVID-19
Sacco Hospital in Milan

24Bottles takes action and fights against COVID-19

Even though our efforts to support communities are constantly on-going, we felt it was particularly important to take action during this difficult time to make us feel that we’re in this together. We used our expertise, resources and global reach to engage our community (through the social campaign #messageinabottle) and support medical staff. We wanted to support those who have been on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and see how we could make meaningful contributions to those affected by the pandemic.

The total value of 24Bottles’ commitment in the fight against COVID-19 emergency is over 100.000 euros, while 24Bottles’ employees joined their efforts by providing more than 90 hours of voluntary work, focusing on the success of these charity initiatives with enthusiasm and positivity.

24Bottles takes action: today, for tomorrow

As a Certified B Corp, at 24Bottles we aim to save our home planet through a positive environmental and social impact, striving every day to build a better and greener future.

While supporting reforestation programs all over the world (in Africa, South America and Asia), this time we felt it was important to engage on a local level, honouring our bond with the territory and with our roots. 

The monetary donations made to the Fondazione Policlinico S. Orsola ONLUS in Bologna and to the Italian Civil Protection met this need of supporting those who first took care of us and our community.

24Bottles takes action against COVID-19
Credits: Silvia Lombardi

2.330 times thank you!

Small gestures can go a long way.
We decided to engrave our sincere and heartfelt “Thank you!” on 2,330 Urban Bottles for the medical staff of some of the most strongly affected organizations. The iconic reusable bottles have been donated to the Red Cross of Milan and Bologna, the Public Assistance of the city of Bologna and seven Italian intensive care units – Sant’Orsola (BO), Sacco Hospital (MI), Pope John XXIII (BG), Spedali Civili (BS), Turin OGR COVID Hospital, and the Local Health Authorities of Lodi and Cremona. 
Since we know disposable materials have multiplied during the pandemic,  we wanted to help healthcare professionals to try and limit the use of disposable plastic bottles as much as possible.
Now, they will have their personal Urban Bottle that they can use every day, wash carefully, and be sure always to hydrate safely.
A symbolic gesture dedicated to the ordinary heroes fighting COVID-19, a present that will accompany them every day reiterating the thank you engraved in ours and everyone’s heart.

Every bottle came with a note:

“This is our applause for all of you.
A little something to thank you for everything you do every day.
A reusable and personal bottle, to quench your thirst safely and help our planet, avoiding disposable plastic.
This way, you will hear our “thank you” echoing in every little moment of pause.
24Bottles Team”

The #messageinabottle social campaign

Involving our entire community, we started a real solidarity campaign in support of the Italian Civil Protection. 10% of all online sales revenues during April 2020 have been donated to the Italian organisation. 

The social campaign #messageinabottle, launched on our Instagram profile, gave a human face to the initiative by creating a real bond across miles and borders.

We printed and added the positive messages of our community in random orders placed on 24bottles.com to make us feel united beyond distances.

A letter from our founders

We took action using all our tools and expertise, from the community to the product. We immediately supported the fight against COVID-19 by helping the Fondazione Policlinico S. Orsola ONLUS, one of the institutions on the front line of our territory. Then we extended our support on a national scale to the Italian Civil Protection and other organisations.

We must thank our customers, users and loyal followers who have chosen, encouraged and supported us during this challenging period.
We would also like to thank the entire 24Bottles team
, who has personally participated by dedicating over 90 hours of volunteer work to the charity activities promoted by the company.

In fact, in addition to the Fondazione Policlinico S. Orsola ONLUS and the Italian Civil Protection, we could also support the Red Cross in Milan and Bologna, the Public Assistance of the city of Bologna and seven Italian hospitals with their intensive care units – Policlinico Sant’Orsola (BO), Ospedale Sacco (MI), Papa Giovanni XXIII (BG), Spedali Civili (BS), the OGR COVID-19 Hospital in Torno, and Local Health Authorities of Lodi and Cremona.
We are particularly honoured to have developed a project of customisation on our Urban Bottle for the heroes of the emergency: 2,330 bottles we engraved and distributed to health workers in the areas most affected by Covid-19.

Thanks to the involvement of our entire community, we were able to donate products and funds for a total value of over €100,000. 

A unique and unexpected result that fills us with pride and gives us the strength and inspiration to overcome the adversities of this historical period, confident that we will continue to build a better future, along with our community”. 

Giovanni Randazzo e Matteo Melotti, 24Bottles founders, giving Urban Bottles to the Croce Rossa, district of Bologna

24Bottles founders giving the bottles to the Croce Rossa of Bologna

OGR Hospital in Turin

Non-profit organization Pubblica Assistenza Città di Bologna

Italian Red Cross, Milan Division

Italian Red Cross, Bologna Division

Policlicnico Sant’Orsola, Bologna

Policlinico Sant’Orsola, Medical Staff, Bologna