24Bottles x Vivienne Westwood

24Bottles and Vivienne Westwood

team up for a special edition of Clima Bottle

to raise awareness and tackle runaway climate change,

in an extremely stylish fashion.


Clima Bottle – Vivienne Westwood

Merging form, function and environmental awareness, the new Clima Bottle comes with an authentic, sleek stainless steel design that makes it perfectly convenient and easy to carry on any occasion, from office to the gym, with your drink staying hot or cold, as you like it.

Clima Bottle is the new, revolutionary insulated stainless steel water bottle that keeps your beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24!


“What’s good for the people
is good for the planet, what’s good for the planet is good for the people”

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is the British fashion designer who needs no introduction.
Climate Revolution is Vivienne’s war cry to act now and stop climate change.


Clima Bottle is the new, revolutionary stainless steel water bottle that merges fashion, function and environmental consciousness.

This special edition 24Bottles x Vivienne Westwood features a clean metallic gold finish and it’s finely printed with Vivienne’s green campaign’s graphic Climate Revolution in a deep royal blue.

Clima Bottle comes with a unique and authentic design and a zero-waste approach to daily hydration.

Besides helping people reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles, Clima Bottle is carbon neutral itself, thus having zero impact on the planet.