24Bottles partner of X Factor 2019: the sustainable side of music

11 Sep 2019

24Bottles partner of X Factor 2019 for sustainability

Why we chose to support the plastic-free project for the Sky Italy talent show.

24Bottles is official partner of X Factor 2019, the thirteenth edition of the Sky Italy talent show starting on Thursday, September the 12th. Hosted by Alessandro Cattelan, the jury is composed of Mara Maionchi, Sfera Ebbasta, Samuel and Malika Ayane.

Sustainability is an increasingly discussed topic. Nowadays, several organizations are promoting real actions to raise awareness of the environmental crisis and people’s health. Companies like Fremantle and Sky are committed to various corporate social responsibility projects and are adopting solutions to avoid disposable plastic.

The idea of making X Factor 2019 plastic-free immediately appealed to us at 24Bottles, and we are glad to help Fremantle and Sky put this significant project into practice.

X Factor 2019’s contestants received a 24Bottles reusable bottle

Each contestant of X Factor 2019 received its own 24Bottles stainless steel bottle, to be reused throughout their participation to the program.

24Bottles’ reusable bottles will also be available in the X Factor 2019’s loft to be used in common areas. Contestants can refill their own bottle directly from drinking water fountains, thus eliminating disposable plastic bottles.

The X Factor 2019 crew is plastic-free

Not only contestants but also all the members of the X Factor 2019 crew received their own 24Bottles.

From cameramen to audio technicians, 24Bottles provided them with reusable, stainless steel bottles. Sky Italy’s television studios are equipped with water fountains, thus contributing to further reducing the environmental impact of the entire production of the TV show.

Why 24Bottles partnered with X Factor 2019 for sustainability?

We at 24Bottles chose to support the X Factor 2019 plastic reduction project because it is a real commitment to the environment. All the people working at the production and creation of the TV show are actively involved in the plastic-free project.

24Bottles and X Factor 2019 decided to launch a concrete signal to take action for sustainability.
We wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to lead a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle: it’s as simple as drinking water from a reusable bottle.

Win the X Factor 2019 final live show with 24Bottles

X Factor 2019 is plastic-free with 24Bottles. If you’re a fan of the sustainable side of music, we have good news for you.

You can participate in the 24Bottles contest to win two tickets and attend the X Factor 2019 final live show.

By purchasing 24Bottles’ refillable, stainless steel Urban Bottle and Clima Bottle from September the 15th 2019 to November the 15th 2019, you will be able to participate in the draw to win tickets to the final live show.

Participating in the contest to attend the X Factor 2019 final live show is very easy. You just need to follow a few, simple steps and take part in the final draw to win one of the five pairs of tickets available.

Win X Factor 2019 final show with 24Bottles!

Only Italian and San Marino Republic’s residents can enter the contest.

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