24Bottles x Noodoll: back to school or back to work? The kids’ bottles loved by everyone!

11 Aug 2020

24Bottles x Noodoll: back to school or back to work?

24Bottles and Noodoll joined forces again to accompany kids – and grown kids – while going back to school.

The first 24Bottles x Noodoll Collection has been a big hit and registered a sold out very soon, with customers asking us to bring back the now-famous, cute little bottles.
 Well, we listened to our customers and decided to do something more: 24Bottles x Noodoll Collection has now two more characters!

Keep on reading to discover the new characters we’ve added to this collection of extra lightweight, reusable, stainless steel Urban Bottles especially designed for kids and loved by everyone.






Back to school, sustainable style

With the 24Bottles x Noodoll Collection, we wanted to offer an alternative for little kids to be more sustainable at school.

Yiying Wang, Noodoll’s founder, explained this perfectly:
“As a mother, I want to make sure my daughter also understands the importance of looking after the environment. Pushing back against throwaway culture, I want her to become accustomed to looking after and reusing items which were previously seen as disposable. As a result, we have designed this range with 24Bottles whose founders themselves are environmentally conscious parents, which we hope to expand on with other similarly sustainable products. Join us in our quest by reducing, reusing, and recycling.”

24Bottles x Noodoll Collection features the exclusive Sport Lid

Ricecube, Ricecarrot and Ricepudding with the newly-added Ricecracker and Riceberry Urban Bottles are presented with the exclusive Sport Lid by 24Bottles.

Featuring an innovative, pop-up straw, the Sport Lid allows a comfortable one-hand opening, a convenient solution for everyday hydration.
The pop-up straw is designed for sportspeople to offer them a more convenient, non-stop drinking experience while doing sports.

Sport Lid is perfect for kids, too, and now they can have their own personal, reusable bottle with a super comfortable, easy and safe opening.

24Bottles x Noodoll: the kids’ bottles loved by everyone!

While the 24Bottles x Noodoll Collection was designed especially for kids, these super cute little bottles have been a favourite of the 24Bottles’ community since we launched the first range, not only among children.

We’re sure that the newly-added characters – Ricecracker and Riceberry Urban Bottles – will be very welcomed and loved by the 24Bottles family!

Why 24Bottles x Noodoll?

London based design and lifestyle brand Noodoll is a contemporary character-led design brand based in London. Established by designer Yiying Wang in 2009, Noodoll began as an illustrated book featuring a cast of monsters who were made from rice and noodles.
Following successful collaborations with other design brands, Noodoll set its sights on reducing single-use plastic consumption. To do this, they’ve joined forces with 24Bottles, helping people improve their health and quality of life in an environmentally friendly way with a range of reusable stainless steel water bottles.

About Noodoll

Established by designer Yiying Wang in 2009, Noodoll began as an illustrated book featuring a cast of monsters who were made from rice and noodles.

They now make a host of products featuring happy Ricemonsters including plush toys, stationery and accessories. At the heart of Noodoll’s design ethos are playfulness, uniqueness and quality!

Noodoll’s toys bridge the gap between collectable design items and children’s plush toys, and with this, they make great design accessible to everyone. Noodoll products fit seamlessly into the modern home, and they encourage everyone to add a roarsome touch to their life.

Noodoll relishes bringing their characters to life and sending them out into the world. They design each of their monsters complete with a personality, and there’s a Ricemonster for everyone!.

From Taiwan to London

Growing up in Taiwan, Noodoll’s founder Yiying Wang lived and breathed cartoon characters, Manga, and comics. Her love for drawing and design eventually saw her undertake a Master of Arts at Central Saint Martins College in London, where the first Noodoll characters came to life.

As part of her final MA project, Yiying created a range of characters made from rice and noodles that resided in fictional Noodle Town and Rice Town. Her talent was already clear: during her final MA show she got an offer to start a fashion brand based on her creations.

Yiying worked with that fashion brand for five years before deciding to start her own company in 2009 to pursue her dream of creating characters and stories.

Today, Noodoll produces a host of products featuring their happy Ricemonsters, including plush toys, stationery, and accessories.

Playfulness and uniqueness

“At the heart of Noodoll’s design ethos is playfulness and uniqueness. My vision is to create a world where everyone embraces their differences, making people feel content with themselves through the company of our Ricemonsters, as they come in all kinds of shapes and colours, just like us!” said Yiying Wang.

24Bottles x Noodoll: committed to sustainability

We at 24Bottles are delighted to work together again with Noodoll, because of their effective commitment to sustainability.

At Noodoll, they have taken some fantastic steps to lower their impact, such as going plastic-free, using eco-friendly paper tape, and reusing cardboard boxes.

For Yiying, sustainability isn’t just about surface-level changes; it’s also a core part of how Noodoll approach their business operation:
“As a small business, we are conscious of the environment and the unnecessary waste that we can sometimes generate. We do what we can do daily. Little things like bringing our own packed lunches, drinking tap water from our refillable bottles, recycling boxes from our neighbourhood to reuse for wholesale orders, and using our custom tissue paper to wrap our toys. We also run a Noodoll surgery, where we fix any damaged toys for free, meaning that our Ricemonsters can last longer and be a friend for life!”