24Bottles x Whatevs. is the Special Edition bottle for children signed by Beatrice Valli

03 Sep 2021

A collaboration with Beatrice Valli dedicated to children

Designed for a comfortable Back To School, the Special Edition 24Bottles x Whatevs. was created to meet the needs of children with the unmistakable signature of Beatrice Valli.

Little and lightweight

The 24Bottles x Whatevs. Kids Bottle is equipped with 24Bottles’ Sport Lid. With quick and easy opening, it features an integrated open-close straw that allows you to drink comfortably with one hand.

100% leakproof, the Kids Bottle is suitable for all types of drinks.

The 250ml size has the perfect size to be easily held in the hands of the little ones.

The style of Whatevs. and the sustainability of 24Bottles

The graphics of the Special Edition reflect the style of Whatevs.: warm colours and the image of a tender bear to instil a sense of tranquillity during the moments of play and study of the children.
At the base of the philosophy and mission of Whatevs. two parents want to help create a better future for all children. Because adopting a sustainable lifestyle today is, in fact, the first step for a better future.
Design, sustainability and zero emissions. 24Bottles is certified B Corp® and has embarked on an ambitious path to eliminate the total CO2 in the entire production and distribution chain through sustainable projects.
The attention to the environment and the desire to reestablish the irreplaceable relationship between man and nature pushed Whatevs. to support the Special Edition with 24Bottles. Together, we can ensure healthy hydration for children and sustainability for the Planet without forgetting the attention to style. 

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