5 morning tips to start the day on the right foot

25 Oct 2017

Someone loves it, most of the people don’t. It is morning we’re talking about.
Let’s see what we can do to start managing all this sudden sunlight beaming into our pupils all at once with these 5 simple morning tips:
Take your time
Try not to rush to your smartphone as soon as you open your eyes. Notifications from social channels can and will wait until you’re 100% back onto this world. Teleporting yourself right from your bed sheets to your organizer sheets while you’re still wearing your pyjamas on, will not help you save time as well. On the contrary, it would keep your stress level high all day. Try a starting with a pause approach instead. Take some minute for yourself before connecting to the rest of the world. Have your shower, make a nice warm cup of tea or coffee to wake up and try to keep your mind free. It will help you see things from a different, chilled perspective, keeping you calm and focused until you’re ready to be back to sleep with a big smile on your face at the end of the day.

Drink water
Well, you’re not surprised. But, drinking a good glass of water first thing in the morning has actually so many pros and so little cons (like 0 cons, actually) that you should do this without even thinking. It’s healthy, refreshing and it’s a matter of pure logic as well: you wouldn’t have stayed 8 hours without touching water if you were awake…

Move your body
Stretching feels so good we start doing it automatically as we wake up. It refreshes our circulation and squeezes muscles in order to enrich the oxygen in our blood flow. So, do some more stretches before leaving the bedroom. Also, whether you’re going to spend your day at the desk or rushing tirelessly from one place to the other for the whole day, stretch your muscles any time you feel tense to keep them flexible and strong. It’s always a good time to aim at your tiptoes!

Have breakfast
Throughout the world, there are many different perspectives and cultural differences regarding breakfast. Some people prefer sweet tastes, others prefer savoury tastes; some go continental while others go intercontinental. In Italy, we usually keep it simple with pasta e cappuccino (in Italian, “pasta” is a common word to refer to croissants) while having some small talks with the bartender and other bystanders by the counter. Apart from this, it is a fact that having an empty stomach puts you in a bad mood for the day, so, eat a fruit at least.

Get out, you’re late for work!
Really! Refill your water bottle, grab your jacket and daypack and get out! You are late!