A yoga experience: 24Bottles x Wanderlust

13 Oct 2018

We 24Bottles x Wanderlust: we have joined forces with Wanderlust for a three-day event tour through Italy to inspire people choosing a healthier lifestyle.

24Bottles x Wanderlust reusable bottle

Last September, 24Bottles went on tour with Wanderlust Italy for an unforgettable yoga experience!
Our friends at Wanderlust Italy organised a mind-changing yoga tour in three of Italy’s most beautiful cities: Milan, Florence and Rome.
Wanderlust’s tour is a journey towards a better version of oneself, with the goal of achieving a greater self-awareness through practising sport and meditation.
Since we at 24Bottles believe that our best self should care about our Planet as well, we fell in love with Wanderlust’s mission pretty immediately, because we share the same values.

24Bottles x Wanderlust water bottle

Yoga: find your true north

Featuring three mindful activities – running, yoga, and meditation – in your favourite park, Wanderlust 108 is the ultimate opportunity to come together with people who share the same values and passions.
Every Wanderlust event kicks off with a five kilometres run for all the jogging-lovers who like to start their day with a sprint through a beautiful park. But you can just walk together with some gracious people and get new friends before reaching the finish line.

The best way to recover energy and strength after a run is a yoga class with some good music; that’s the second mindfulness activity to find your rhythm and finally get on your mat at Wanderlust.
All yoga classes are followed with a guided meditation to clear your mind, relax your body, and complete the mindful triathlon.
The meditation class at Wanderlust 108 was led by Arween Julie, Linda Gastaldello and Behrang Danesh Eshraghi.

24Bottles @ Wanderlust 108

Besides yoga, running and meditation, Wanderlust events feature moments of relaxation, leisure and educational moments, too.
Meetings on the themes of self-improvement are also planned, with suggestions on how to lead one’s path towards a healthy, conscious and sustainable lifestyle.
As per eco-friendly habits, people at Wanderlust could find 24Bottles at the True North Café – the snack area – and learn how much of CO2 you save from
releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill our bottles instead of buying a disposable plastic one.

24Bottles x Wanderlust stainless steel bottle