A trip to Scotland: discover the new Earth Collection

The entirely renovated Earth Collection outlines Scotland’s Highlands breathtaking landscapes and fabulously diverse nature.

24Bottles Earth Collection Sage Clima Bottle

From blue-green lakes, thick woodland, golden beaches, to rocky peaks and sweeping glens shrouded in mist, we immersed ourselves in the Scottish charm.


Between rocky peaks and glens shrouded in mist, there’s an evergreen plant capable to injecting vivid life even to the most freezing winter landscape.
Erica, commonly known as “heath” or “heather”, with its muted colour forms eye-catching mats of bell-shaped flowers that washes across the scenery in a sea of green and purple.

24Bottles Earth Collection Sage Clima Bottle


Silent, golden beaches washed by the sea are one of the most enticing sights when traveling, and Gravity tells the story of a Scottish landscape to fell in love with.


Elegantly hemming a path that scrambles up a rocky peak, Sage accompanies the errant wanderers during their hikes, and its delicate scent lasts forever in their memories.

Atlantic Bay

Atlantic Bay is the color of the ocean, blue-green lakes, and reminds also of Scotland’s misty, breathtaking landscape that instills a sense of freedom with its windy and wild shorelines.

24Bottles Earth Collection Sage Clima Bottle

The ever-unpredictable haze with a chance of rain is a calm and gentle companion, that blesses the journey as a peaceful whisper.

Let us take you to Scotland with our new Earth Collection!

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