Do your part for the Planet and the Amazon: adopt a tree of 24Bottles’ forest

09 Sep 2019

We planted 1000 new trees:
do your part for the Planet and the Amazon, adopt one!

Adopt a Tree

How to save the Amazon, that is the question to which the world needs to find an answer soon.

24Bottles stands out as a brand who actively cares about the environment. We help people reducing their carbon footprint by refusing single-use plastic bottles.

Now we want to help everyone take action and save our Planet.

August 2019 saw global outrage erupt over the fires in the Amazon, the lungs of the Planet. But the issue isn’t limited to that area.
Devastating fires ignited all across the globe, from East to West, including Siberia, Canada, Indonesia, Africa and even Italy, 24Bottles’ homeland.

Helping protect the natural world is vital. We are deeply concerned about the ongoing crisis in the Amazon as well as the overall Planet Earth crisis, which highlights the delicate balance of climate, biodiversity, and the wellbeing of indigenous peoples.

How can we save the Amazon, other forests and our Planet?

24Bottles is Carbon Neutral.
We offset the overall amount of CO2 involved in the whole production and distribution chain through international reforestation projects.

We do this every day.
Today, we want to do it even more.

That’s why we planted 1000 new, extra trees and decided to create a new forest, Oxygen².

We named it after our first one, Oxygen, and we squared it. Because only an exponential commitment from us all, as a company and as individuals, can be the real change our Planet deserves to keep on breathing.

What can you do? Adopt a tree of our Oxygen² forest!

Our new trees are located in Cameroon, Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya. Through the official hashtag #SaveTheAmazon, 24Bottles has decided to launch its own green challenge: everyone can adopt one of the 1000 new trees.

Adopting a tree of 24Bottles’ forest is super easy and free.
You just need to click the below link to redeem your tree and start following its growth through GPS technology with real images.

Adopt a Tree

Share the love!

Now that you’ve become a happy parent of a beautiful tree, we invite you to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #SaveTheAmazon.

Tag your friends, invite them to do the same, and we’ll all be part of the same forest.

Keep the oceans blue, the planet green and wildlife safe: now is the time to take action.

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