24Bottles for your loved ones: let’s make it personal!

30 Jan 2019

24Bottles for your loved ones: let’s make it personal! Use 14 characters to spark your creativity and give your loved ones an exceptional present.

24Bottles for your loved ones: let’s make it personal!

We all know that special moment when you’re looking for an exclusive present for your dear ones: you want it to be beyond comparison and memorable.

Now you can make it even more unique.

You can personalize 24Bottles with a laser-engraved text to tell your loved ones whatever you like!Whether you pick a special name, choose an inspiring quote or prevent the bottle from being used by others with a “hands-off” warning, 24Bottles’ 14-characters personalization gives your bottle a unique identity.

It is also an idea to make your gift more personal, adding the recipient’s name, a special date or a message that you share.

Why personalizing?

Because, why not!?
Giving a personalized gift will make your loved ones feel even more special and thought of.

Adding a personal message or even their initials on their favourite 24Bottles will make them feel like their interests and preferences were actually being taken into account.

Plus, you will help them reduce their plastic consumption and go sustainable!

One of a kind

With 24Bottles’ personalization service you won’t give your loved ones “a gift”, but you will be giving “their gift”.

And it’s unbelievably easy!

Take a look at our range of stainless steel bottles and choose the perfect style for your loved ones, based on their interests and taste.

Then you have 14 characters to create an authentic gift and make it personal with a distinctive message!

You can also see a little preview to decide whether or not your message is the right one to be engraved, and that’s it: let us take care of your personalized 24Bottles and your loved ones will receive it directly at home!

Create a unique gift and make it personal.

Patterns with a story: the Herringbone’s Italian heritage in 24Bottles Limited Edition

25 Jan 2019

24Bottles Limited Edition: the brand-new Clima Bottle that celebrates the high-end Italian Style.

24Bottles Limited Edition

Herringbone has always been a renowned design in the clothing industry and it’s not uncommon to find a few pieces of this historical fabric when rummaging in a fashionista’s wardrobe!

Named after the intricate bone structure of a herring fish, the Herringbone pattern consists of a geometric arrangement of rectangles, parallelograms, lines or alternating twill weaves in a repetitive and symmetric scheme.

24Bottles Limited Edition insulated bottle

From flooring to fabrics, from mosaics to wallpapers, from sculpture to jewellery, the herringbone pattern is utilised in many industries and applications, often used to bring a sophisticated feel to a project.

An ancient pattern

The herringbone patterning was used in the construction of roadways during the Roman Empire, when the interlocking paving system proved to be extremely stable, durable, but pleasing to the eye, too.

Therefore, it’s self-explanatory how the earliest herringbone fabrics were found in ancient Italy.

24Bottles Limited Edition reusable bottle

The Italian Style

That’s why we chose the herringbone pattern for the latest and exclusive 24Bottles Limited Edition Clima Bottle. In designing the Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle, we wanted to celebrate decades of exquisite Italian craftsmanship and high-end tailoring skills.The inspiration behind its precious pattern and deliberately uneven finish comes straight from today’s most elegant clothes and apparel, created with the same care and mastery of the old dressmakers who started the iconic made in Italy style. Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle is the new must-have collectable by 24Bottles!

A trip to Scotland: discover the new Earth Collection

24 Jan 2019

The entirely renovated Earth Collection outlines Scotland’s Highlands breathtaking landscapes and fabulously diverse nature.

24Bottles’ Earth Collection

From blue-green lakes, thick woodland, golden beaches, to rocky peaks and sweeping glens shrouded in mist, we immersed ourselves in the Scottish charm.


Between rocky peaks and glens shrouded in mist, there’s an evergreen plant capable to injecting vivid life even to the most freezing winter landscape.
Erica, commonly known as “heath” or “heather”, with its muted colour forms eye-catching mats of bell-shaped flowers that washes across the scenery in a sea of green and purple.


Silent, golden beaches washed by the sea are one of the most enticing sights when traveling, and Gravity tells the story of a Scottish landscape to fell in love with.


Elegantly hemming a path that scrambles up a rocky peak, Sage accompanies the errant wanderers during their hikes, and its delicate scent lasts forever in their memories.

Earth Collection stainless steel bottle

Atlantic Bay

Atlantic Bay is the color of the ocean, blue-green lakes, and reminds also of Scotland’s misty, breathtaking landscape that instills a sense of freedom with its windy and wild shorelines.
The ever-unpredictable haze with a chance of rain is a calm and gentle companion, that blesses the journey as a peaceful whisper.

Earth Collection reusable bottle

5 + 1 Tips To Make Your Daily Life Greener

22 Jan 2019

Find out our Tips To Make Your Daily Life Greener and let every day be Earth Day!

Tips To Make Your Daily Life Greener

Life in the city is tough and fast-paced. Often times it makes you do things you don’t really want to do, just for the sake of an immediate convenience that ends up being bad for you and for those who surround you.
Nowadays, unsustainable habits and the consumption of disposable items are so deeply embedded in our daily lives that most of the time we don’t even pay attention to the future risk they will cause. This is why we should think before buying and possibly change some simple daily habits to reduce our overall environmental impact. Let’s celebrate Earth Day every day!

Tips To Make Your Daily Life Greener reusable bottle

1 – “No (plastic) straw, please!” – Whenever ordering your drinks, politely ask the bartender or waiter not to put any plastic straw in it. You can alternatively use your own paper, glass, bamboo, or stainless-steel straw instead. Encourage your friends and family to do the same and start your own straw revolution!
2 – Eat local and in season food. – Eating things local helps reduce the amount of fuel and energy needed to transport the food from the field to your fridge. This is also a wonderful opportunity to support the local farms in your area. And, even though it’s great to eat strawberries on November and have an orange juice on July, try eating fruits and vegetables in their right season: this will significantly reduce the cost of refrigeration (and their taste will be thousand times richer)!
3 – Reuse your shopper bag! – Bring your own bags every time you go shopping. Consider using reusable bags made of natural material like cotton and canvas and remember to buy in bulk when possible to reduce packaging.

4 – By train, car or plane? – One of the easiest ways to make a significant difference is to travel by train. What you can do is to plan fewer and longer vacations that are far away, and more frequent trips closer to home (that you can reach with public transports). A good custom will also be use public transports instead of driving or organize a carpool: one car will use less gas than two or three. Of course, the best eco-friendly way to get around town is by bike or walking!

Tips To Make Your Daily Life Greener stainless steel bottle

5,1 – At home tips. – Unless you are using them, leave your electronic devices and chargers unplugged all the time. Turn off your power strips as well because all electronics suck energy when they’re plugged in, even if they’re powered down. Try to replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED ones. Not only LED light bulbs use 80% less energy than their traditional incandescent counterpart, but they will also last longer. Like that you will avoid the stress of buying new bulbs every other month.
5,2 – Some office tips too. – Unplug all power strips before leaving the office and think if you really need it all in hard copies before printing an email. If you do and it’s not something official, consider reusing some already-printed paper or print it double-sided.

6 – Reduce your consumption of bottled water and other packaged drinks. – By using a refillable bottle you will help reduce not only the single-use plastic consumption worldwide but also the demand for plastic and fossil fuel.
Plastic bottles are a contradiction in terms: on one hand, they are built-to-last, while on the other hand, they are conceived for a single use. How can this be? Many pages have been written about how unhealthy it is to re-use a plastic bottle, and many more have been written about the damages caused by plastic pollution and climate change. So, why don’t we switch our bad habits to good habits?
Every minute, worldwide, 1 million plastic bottles are sold and, of this astonishing quantity, just a small percentage will be recycled. One million per minute means almost 20000 bottles. 90% of which will end up in landfills or worse, in the ocean.

24Bottles and Politecnico di Torino: the sustainability project

12 Dec 2018

24Bottles and Politecnico di Torino: a new sustainability project for students

In a bid to cut disposable plastic waste, the Politecnico di Torino (or as they call it, PoliTO), chose 24Bottles for its big sustainability project.

PoliTO has made it easier for staff and students to use water bottles on campus, and 24Bottles was its choice partner in this great project! Starting from October 2018, taking sustainable actions is more comfortable for the PoliTo community.

24Bottles and Politecnico di Torino

We at 24Bottles are proud to help them achieve their sustainability goals with our carbon neutral reusable water bottles. Reducing single-use plastic on campus Drinking water points were installed across the campus to allow staff and students easier access to free water.

Also, PoliTo wanted to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles on campus. This way, students and academics participate actively in the campus’ sustainability challenge to reducing the plastic consumption. Indeed, the Politecnico di Torino has calculated that more than 500kg of plastic are collected each week.

A 24Bottles for each freshmen! The commitment to pursuing sustainability through better waste management is therefore intensified. PoliTo is offering all those attending the University the opportunity to choose an alternative to plastic every day.  More than ten fountains have been distributed throughout the campus for this purpose. In addition to that, all the freshmen of the year 2018/2019 have been given a brand new 24Bottles branded PoliTO Green Team.

The awareness campaign: #MyPoliTObottle PoliTo has also started a great awareness campaign throughout the campus, on the university’s website and on social media. The campaign includes the hashtag #MyPoliTObottle and a dedicated Instagram account.

This way, students are encouraged to sharing their customized bottles. In fact, the 24Bottles branded PoliTO Green Team have been given along with an array of decorative stickers. Students can express themselves and share their commitment to reducing plastic consumption!

24Bottles’ Christmas Gift Guide for fashion lovers

09 Dec 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for fashion lovers: go sustainable with 24Bottles!

If you’re looking for gift ideas to surprise someone special who loves fashion, fear no more: this 24Bottles’ Christmas Gift Guide is exactly what you need!

Our mission at 24Bottles is to encourage people embracing a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle while keeping the personal style in check.

Yes, we believe that good design can change things for the better and can help people improve their health and quality of life as well as their look, in an environmentally friendly way.

Carefully designed in Italy, extra lightweight and sustainable, gifting a 24Bottles is the right choice to amaze your special ones with an unexpected and thoughtful gift idea.

Gift idea: match 24Bottles with an outfit!

As mentioned above, our mission is to get rid of those unhealthy, unelegant, and most of all, dangerous plastic bottles.
Choosing 24Bottles means taking care of yourself, your loved ones and the environment. And you can achieve all that while keeping your style flawless.
Available in a wide range of colours, patterns, styles and finishings, you can match 24Bottles to someone else’s (or your) favourite outfit.

Extra lightweight and easy-to-carry!

Urban Bottle is the most lightweight water bottle you will ever handle.
Other than style, we at 24Bottles designed our water bottles thinking about function and comfort.
That’s why Urban Bottle and Clima Bottle can be easily slipped into a handbag!

We at 24Bottles thought of all of you that need your coffee as hot as just-brewed, and your fresh water always by your side.
Our insulated and double-walled Clima Bottle keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.
You can fill your Clima Bottle with boiling hot coffee in the morning and taste it hours later at work, still steaming hot.
Are you headed for a hot summer day at the beach? Take along your Clima Bottle filled with cold water and you’ll be surprised by how long it stays cool and keeps you refreshed under the sun!

Gift for him

The extensive selection of Urban Bottle and Clima Bottle’s styles and accessories include of course a great variety of options, which can delight even the most attentive gentleman.

What makes your gift from 24Bottles even more valuable?

With 24Bottles your Christmas gifts are entirely sustainable.
When refilling our stainless steel bottles, you are saving our planet from single-use plastics.
Plus, we offset our carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects throughout the world.

Gifts for sports lovers: a 24Bottles’ Christmas Gift Guide

01 Dec 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for sports people: sustainable and fashionable with 24Bottles

Christmas Gift Guide 24Bottles sport bottle

Looking for Christmas gifts for sports people isn’t always that easy. That’s why we at 24Bottles designed our bottles and accessories to give them a comfortable experience, with a sense of style.

Sports gear and accessories are often the most searched items during festivities. But they also need to be well thought of to make a wonderful surprise for your loved ones.

24Bottles won’t fall into the heavily stereotyped territory of Christmas gifts for sports people.
Carefully designed in Italy, extra lightweight and sustainable, our reusable bottles make for a valuable and useful gift.

Tempo Grey Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection with Sport Lid

Tempo Grey Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection with its stone finish enables the best grip during the training session. It won’t slip from the hands of your favourite athlete and with the exclusive Sport Lid will deliver the fastest hydration on-the-go.

24Bottles Christmas Gift Guide sport bottle

Christmas Gift Guide: sport bottle?

Agile Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection with Sport Lid Agile Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection is for the fashionistas that don’t want to get caught off-guard, even in mid-training.
Whether it’s running, Crossfit, tennis, fitness, yoga, jogging, golf, swimming, weightlifting, sailing or skiing, the style will always be in check.

Porta Bottiglia

Porta Bottiglia is the perfect companion for your beloved cyclist.

Made in Italy from regenerated cotton and enriched with soft genuine leatherette details, Porta Bottiglia is a stylish bike accessory designed to amaze even the most demanding cyclist.

Planning a total look?

If you’re looking to surprise someone special, why don’t you just think of a 24Bottles full experience?

There is a wide range of sustainable and useful gifts that can help your loved ones going through their sports routine with style and comfort.

What makes your gift from 24Bottles even more valuable?

With 24Bottles your Christmas gifts are entirely sustainable.

When refilling our stainless steel bottles, you are saving our planet from single-use plastics. Plus, we offset our carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects throughout the world.

What is hygge: coping with the winter months

17 Nov 2018

Have you ever wondered what exactly “hygge” means? When winter comes, here at 24Bottles we are ready to pamper you while keeping your drinks hot with Clima Bottle!

A couple of years ago, romanticizing Scandinavians’ way of life started to become a popular amusement all around the world: “hygge”!
The phenomenon was highly related to the spreading of a Danish concept that started trending in 2016 when “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living” by Meik Wiking was published.
The concept of “hygge” spread fast from the UK to the US, after bringing cosiness throughout Europe.

The meaning of “hygge”

As there’s no direct translation for “hygge”, the term has been described as everything from “the art of creating intimacy”, “cosiness of the soul”, “the absence of annoyance” to “taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things”, “cosy togetherness” and “the pursuit of everyday pleasures”.

Denmark is not the only country that has a word for a concept similar to “hygge”: the Norwegians have “koselig”, the Swedes “mysigt”, the Dutch “gezenlligheid” and the Germans “gemütlichkeit”.
Another factor that helped “hygge” become such a popular term is that, according to the UN World Happiness Report, Denmark has been capable of ranking among the top-three happiest countries in the world for the seventh consecutive year.

Bring some “hygge” into your life with 24Bottles!

24Bottles’ Clima Bottle is your perfect “hygge” companion for the winter months: its double-walled and insulated technology keeps your drinks hot up to twelve hours (and cold for 24 hours, but that will come at hand during summer).
That means you can fill your Clima Bottle with your favourite hot drink in the morning before going to work, and sip it just at the right temperature all day long.
Of course, you don’t need to live in Denmark to have some “hygge” time with your Clima Bottle, but we can learn so much about enjoying the winter weather from a country where the average temperature in December is 0°C and the sun sets at 3 PM.
A nice fire-lit cosy intimacy and a good cup of hot tea or coffee are just what you need to get along with the coldest months of the year.
With Clima Bottle, you can now take that “hygge” feeling always with you, anywhere, anytime.

A yoga experience: 24Bottles x Wanderlust

13 Oct 2018

We 24Bottles x Wanderlust: we have joined forces with Wanderlust for a three-day event tour through Italy to inspire people choosing a healthier lifestyle.

24Bottles x Wanderlust reusable bottle

Last September, 24Bottles went on tour with Wanderlust Italy for an unforgettable yoga experience!
Our friends at Wanderlust Italy organised a mind-changing yoga tour in three of Italy’s most beautiful cities: Milan, Florence and Rome.
Wanderlust’s tour is a journey towards a better version of oneself, with the goal of achieving a greater self-awareness through practising sport and meditation.
Since we at 24Bottles believe that our best self should care about our Planet as well, we fell in love with Wanderlust’s mission pretty immediately, because we share the same values.

24Bottles x Wanderlust water bottle

Yoga: find your true north

Featuring three mindful activities – running, yoga, and meditation – in your favourite park, Wanderlust 108 is the ultimate opportunity to come together with people who share the same values and passions.
Every Wanderlust event kicks off with a five kilometres run for all the jogging-lovers who like to start their day with a sprint through a beautiful park. But you can just walk together with some gracious people and get new friends before reaching the finish line.

The best way to recover energy and strength after a run is a yoga class with some good music; that’s the second mindfulness activity to find your rhythm and finally get on your mat at Wanderlust.
All yoga classes are followed with a guided meditation to clear your mind, relax your body, and complete the mindful triathlon.
The meditation class at Wanderlust 108 was led by Arween Julie, Linda Gastaldello and Behrang Danesh Eshraghi.

24Bottles @ Wanderlust 108

Besides yoga, running and meditation, Wanderlust events feature moments of relaxation, leisure and educational moments, too.
Meetings on the themes of self-improvement are also planned, with suggestions on how to lead one’s path towards a healthy, conscious and sustainable lifestyle.
As per eco-friendly habits, people at Wanderlust could find 24Bottles at the True North Café – the snack area – and learn how much of CO2 you save from
releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill our bottles instead of buying a disposable plastic one.

24Bottles x Wanderlust stainless steel bottle

London Fashion Week: the catwalk 24Bottles x VIN + OMI

06 Oct 2018

During London Fashion Week, we at 24Bottles had the pleasure to partner with VIN+OMI, supporting each other in our mission against single-use plastic items

24Bottles went to the London Fashion Week with VIN + OMI! A moment we’ll never forget, especially because we’ve partnered to bring our sustainable message straight to the catwalk.
Luxury” and “Eco” have historically been two very different industries.
Building a company that straddles the two can be challenging, but we can say it is rewarding too.
Since day one we have had sustainability as a fundamental brick in our vision as a company. We are constantly reducing our carbon footprint. To achieve that, we’re offsetting the whole amount of CO2 involved in the production of our stainless steel water bottles.
In addition to that, we are giving back part of our profits to organizations who take care of the health of our beloved Planet while we work to foster the good habit of going reusable.

Eco-friendly fashion

Notable fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett have been among the first to launch campaigns to raise awareness about social and environmental issues.
They’ve campaigned for the protection of fashion workers’ rights as well as against climate change.
Nowadays, with the advances in science and technology, fashion brands are investing to offer sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, including our friends at VIN + OMI.

Last September, on the occasion of London Fashion Week, we had the pleasure to partner with the London based fashion label VIN+OMI and thereby supporting each other in our mission against single-use plastic items.

The catwalk 24Bottles x VIN + OMI @ London Fashion Week

VIN + OMI took over the Grand Terrace of London’s iconic St Pancras International Station for their SS19 show.
The duo brought the London Fashion Week to the iconic railway station to coincide with its 150th-anniversary celebrations and to mark the reopening of the public water fountain aimed at cutting the use of plastic bottles.
We were very pleased to provide with 300 customized Urban Bottles to the guests who attended the event, who could make use of the water fountain to quench their thirst, without losing any style points.


VIN + OMI are well known for their innovative approach to eco-fashion and have received international acclaim for their unique eco-practices and circular social impact projects.
Particularly, the Spring/Summer Collection 2019 by the British duo only contains eco-sustainable textiles and processes.
“This is our largest eco show to date. This season’s bags are the result of an exciting new collaboration with the London College of Fashion” Vin said.
“The BIN 2 BODY project started in June at London Fashion Week Men’s where we collected the waste plastic bottles from the event and processed them into durable rPET textiles that were then transformed into the bags that you saw on the catwalk at the Women’s Fashion Week.”

“Eventually, plastic will be banned”

This was not the first time VIN + OMI have undertaken such ventures. In 2007 they worked with Artpoint and Nottingham Youth Services to develop an environmental clean up of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire.
We worked with the probation service and youth services who organised groups to collect waste plastic from the river.
The waste plastic was collected and processed locally into plastic pellets and finally made into textiles.
A range of neon was produced, and the young people worked with VIN + OMI to design a range of clothing for themselves, learning basic sewing techniques and garment construction as part of the education programme.
Eventually, plastic will be banned predicts Vin, “but in the interim period, if all designers did what we were doing on a larger scale, there would be no plastic in the ocean.
See more of the VIN + OMI SS19 collection on vinandomi.com.

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week: a zero waste event

04 Oct 2018

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week: a zero waste event, with a taste for design.
24Bottles, a designer café, a master engraver, an exhibit: a magical night during the Bologna Design Week.

Party cup

24Bottles‘ Party Cup is the queen of every zero-waste event. The exclusive soirée we set up last September during Bologna Design Week was the perfect evening to celebrate sustainability in style.
A reusable stainless steel pint Party Cup is a smart pick for a sustainable event, without giving up on elegance.
A fashionable alternative to single-use plastic cups and fragile glasses, 24Bottles’ Party Cup can carry any kind of drink, from water to cocktails, and most importantly, they’re carbon neutral.
Are you planning a branded event? Don’t miss the opportunity to spread your logo and provide your guests with a personalized Party Cup.

ZOO: bakery, bagels place…and much more

Partner-in-crime for our Design Night was ZOO, a designer café in the heart of Bologna. It’s a bakery, a bagels place, a bookshop and a gallery with an attitude for sustainability.
All the splendid people at ZOO love everything design-related, and they’ve created a zero-waste buffet with a perfect colour-matching palette to 24Bottles’ designs: a feast for the eyes and the palate.

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week reusable bottle

A master engraver

esign is nothing without some skilled craftsmanship. Last September we were celebrating the Bologna Design Week, that’s why we’ve partnered with an exceptional artist.
If 24Bottles’ Party Cup was the queen of the party, the master engraver Simone Cervellati was the undisputed king.
His skilful hands created extraordinary personalizations, with much delight of our guests, who went home with a unique engraving on their 24Bottles.


For a Design Night worthy of the name we couldn’t fail to provide some work of art to entertain our beloved guests.
That’s why we’ve supported ZOO and contributed to creating a 24Bottles themed exhibit with authentic everyday objects and tools: a real-life mood board for Instagram addicted.

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week stainless steel bottle

Guests and friends:24Bottles at Bologna Design Week

As some lounge music played in the background, our guests strolled and chatted with each other in the cozy atmosphere of our zero-waste Design Night. And yes, we had fun!

24Bottles at Bologna Design Week stainless steel reusable bottle

Up and running with 24Bottles Athleisure Collection

28 Sep 2018

24Bottles listens, 24Bottles delivers.
Here we are with the new, carbon-neutral 24Bottles Athleisure Collection meant for all people who can’t get enough of working out.

24Bottles Athleisure Collection stainless steel bottle

24Bottles Athleisure Collection: easy to carry

All our bottles are ideal for any kind of situation. They come with an easy-to-carry, perfect-sized design which makes them suitable for any case. Although people wanted something more prone to satisfy their needs, even when stopping isn’t an option.
What was our response, you may ask? We listened and delivered!
After many days, even months, of brainstorming, we asked ourselves what could have been a carefully-designed, BPA-free solution to help our community facing workout the best way possible.
We wanted something that could be equally cool and practical and that, gals and guys, is how Athleisure Collection was born.

24Bottles Athleisure Collection lightweight water bottle

No more interruptions

Featuring an innovative, pop-up straw, now athletes have a more convenient, non-stop drinking experience while doing sports.
But that’s not it! Sport Lid is meant for Athleisure Collection, yes, but it can be used on all Clima and Urban Bottles too. As a matter of fact, we wanted to offer our people a solution that could fit their personal style alongside their needs.

Just one movement
Running track, gym, hiking trail or rush hour and related hydration issues won’t hold your thirst down. A new, convenient solution will now enhance your day and set your path on the right foot!