Woolrich X 24Bottles | Outdoor: born for this

15 Feb 2019

Woolrich X 24Bottles: a timeless pattern.

Woolrich X 24Bottles insulated bottle

Woolrich X 24Bottles

Woolrich X 24Bottles reusable water bottle Clima Bottle Woolrich, the timeless American brand of outdoor fashion, joined 24Bottles for an exclusive special edition Clima Bottle: Woolrich X 24Bottles Clima Bottle. The original design is inspired by the iconic red and black Buffalo Check, Woolrich’s historical emblem.

An iconic look

Woolrich Clima Bottle expresses the meeting point between fashion and design, allowing daily hydration with elegance and with an eye to the environment.

The Buffalo Check design wins for its iconic and sporty look, a practical bottle with a modern style designed for the contemporary man.

Style and function

The exceptional thermal performances make Clima Bottle the perfect accessory in combination with Woolrich.

Universally known for outdoor clothing, the American brand is now enriched by the conjunction with a smart product.

Woolrich Clima Bottle is designed for those who love outdoor activities, without sacrificing their style.

Authentic roots

n this era of fast-paced trends, with the eternal switch between past nostalgias and future aspirations, the perception of fashion has dramatically changed over the decades.

But you can still find those who are trying to keep tight at their roots, making them authentic and one-of-a-kind.

Established in 1830 in Pennsylvania by John Rich and Daniel McCormick, with a heritage of almost 200 years, Woolrich has always brought unique designs combined with fine artisanship and selected materials.

The Buffalo Check

Today, Woolrich is well-known for its Arctic Parka, premium wool-made products as the blankets, and the iconic Buffalo Check.

Legend narrates that this distinctive Scottish pattern, known for centuries as Rob Roy, was dubbed “Buffalo Check Plaid” by Woolrich’s designer in honour of the small herd of buffalo he owned in central Pennsylvania.

A timeless pattern

Over the years, eight generations of the family have lived and worked with a strong will to safeguard what their ancestors have left them, which are part of the brand’s history and DNA.

In fact, Woolrich’s collections embrace a wide variety of items with the Buffalo Check Plaid, from shirts to capes, from coats to bags.

And now, Woolrich X 24Bottles special edition Clima Bottle is the latest item to be dressed with the Buffalo Check to help the outdoor lovers staying hydrated in style. Woolrich X 24Bottles is the brand-new special edition Clima Bottle!