24Bottles x Noodoll: Back To School has never looked this cute

26 Aug 2019
24Bottles x Noodoll back to school reusable stainless steel bottle
24Bottles x Noodoll Collection

24Bottles x Noodoll: Back To School, sustainable style

24Bottles and Noodoll joined forces to make a brand-new range of extra lightweight, reusable, stainless steel Urban Bottles especially designed for kids and loved by everyone.

Together, with the 24Bottles x Noodoll Collection, we wanted to offer an alternative for kids to be more sustainable at school. Yiying Wang, Noodoll’s founder, explained this perfectly:
“As a mother, I want to make sure my daughter also understands the importance of looking after the environment. Pushing back against throwaway culture, I want her to become accustomed to looking after and re-using items which were previously seen as disposable. As a result, we have designed this range with 24Bottles whose founders themselves are environmentally conscious parents, which we hope to expand on with other similarly sustainable products. Join us in our quest by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

24Bottles x Noodoll back to school reusable bottle
24Bottles x Noodoll Collection

24Bottles x Noodoll Collection features the exclusive Sport Lid

Ricecube, Ricecarrot and Ricepudding Urban Bottles are presented with the exclusive Sport Lid by 24Bottles. Featuring an innovative, pop-up straw, the Sport Lid allows a comfortable one-hand opening, a convenient solution for everyday hydration.

The pop-up straw is designed for sportspeople to offer them a more convenient, non-stop drinking experience while doing sports.

Sport Lid it’s perfect for kids, too, and now they can have their own personal, reusable bottle with a super comfortable, easy and safe opening.

Why 24Bottles x Noodoll?

London based design and lifestyle brand Noodoll is a contemporary character-led design brand based in London. Established by designer Yiying Wang in 2009, Noodoll began as an illustrated book featuring a cast of monsters who were made from rice and noodles.
Following successful collaborations with other design brands, Noodoll now sets its sights on reducing single-use plastic consumption joining forces with 24Bottles, focusing on helping people improve their health and quality of life in an environmentally friendly way with a range of reusable stainless steel water bottles.

24Bottles x Noodoll back to school reusable refillable stainless steel bottle
24Bottles x Noodoll Collection

About Noodoll

Established by designer Yiying Wang in 2009, Noodoll began as an illustrated book featuring a cast of monsters who were made from rice and noodles.

They now make a host of products featuring happy Ricemonsters including plush toys, stationery and accessories. At the heart of Noodoll’s design ethos are playfulness, uniqueness and quality!

Noodoll’s toys bridge the gap between collectable design items and children’s plush toys, and with this, they make great design accessible to everyone. Noodoll products fit seamlessly into the modern home and they encourage everyone to add a roarsome touch to their life!

Noodoll relish bringing their characters to life and sending them out into the world. They design each of their monsters complete with a personality and there’s a Ricemonster for everyone!

From Taiwan to London

Growing up in Taiwan, Noodoll’s founder Yiying Wang lived and breathed cartoon characters, Manga, and comics. Her love for drawing and design eventually saw her undertake a Master of Arts at Central Saint Martins College in London, where the first iteration of her Noodoll characters came to life.

As part of her final MA project, Yiying created a range of characters made from rice and noodles that resided in fictional Noodle Town and Rice Town. Her talent was already clear: during her final MA show she got an offer to start a fashion brand based on her creations.

Yiying worked with that fashion brand for five years before deciding to start her own company in 2009 to pursue her dream of creating characters and stories.

Today, Noodoll produces a host of products featuring their happy Ricemonsters, including plush toys, stationery, and accessories.

24Bottles x Noodoll back to school reusable refillable stainless steel bottle

Playfulness and uniqueness

“At the heart of Noodoll’s design ethos is playfulness and uniqueness. My vision is to create a world where everyone embraces their differences, making people feel content with themselves through the company of our Ricemonsters, as they come in all kinds of shapes and colours, just like us!” said Yiying Wang.

24Bottles x Noodoll: sustainability

We at 24Bottles are very happy to work together with Noodoll, because of their effective commitment to sustainability.

At Noodoll, they have taken some fantastic steps to lower their impact, such as going plastic-free, using eco-friendly paper tape, and reusing cardboard boxes.

For Yiying, sustainability isn’t just about surface-level changes; it’s also a core part of how Noodoll approach their business operation:
“As a small business, we are conscious of the environment and the unnecessary waste that we can sometimes generate. We do what we can do on a daily basis. Little things like bringing our own packed lunches, drinking tap water from our refillable bottles, recycling boxes from our neighbourhood to re-use for wholesale orders, and using our custom tissue paper to wrap our toys. We also run a Noodoll surgery, where we fix any damaged toys for free, meaning that our Ricemonsters can last longer and be a friend for life!”

Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition presented at Unexpected Pucci

12 Jun 2019

24Bottles at Unexpected Pucci: dive into the glamorous atmosphere of “Unexpected Pucci” and find out more on the exclusive Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition.

Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition reusable stainless steel bottle
Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition

24Bottles at Unexpected Pucci

Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition was revealed to the world on June the 12th during a glamorous launch event held at Palazzo Pucci, in the beating heart of Florence, Italy.

The stainless steel of 24Bottles met the unmistakable pattern designs of the Italian fashion house, giving life to Vivara Urban Bottle and Torre Urban Bottle, which were part of a huge exhibition created and supervised by Laudomia Pucci, daughter of the late Italian stylist

Unexpected Pucci: the book

Published by Rizzoli New York and written by Laudomia Pucci, the new Unexpected Pucci book goes beyond fashion and lets the reader dive into the colourful world of Emilio Pucci.

Unexpected Pucci unveils all the most important Pucci interior design projects, from its foundation to the present with a special introduction by Suzy Menkes, editor of Vogue International, and the contributions of journalist Angelo Flaccavento, architect and designer Piero Lissoni and artists Francesco Vezzoli and Joana Vasconcelos.

Unexpected, in fact. Carpets, porcelains, pieces of furniture that, over time, have embellished all the most important moments of our Maison: now it is necessary that all this creative wealth reaches people, especially the younger ones who have not lived through the years in which these deluxe collaborations were born.

Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition reusable stainless steel bottle
Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition

The launch event

In Palazzo Pucci has been set up a creative labyrinth which, from above, draws in a stylized way the iconic Torre fantasy, where all the protagonists of the book are displayed, including pieces of furniture made with the most illustrious brands of the design world

Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition at Unexpected Pucci

24Bottles and Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci and 24Bottles have teamed up to create an exclusive Limited Edition of two bottles dressed with world-known, historical patterns of the Italian fashion house: Vivara and Torre.

Emilio Pucci designs are instantly recognizable and embody playful femininity that breaks with convention and looks at fashion in a new light.

Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition reusable stainless steel bottle
Vivara Urban Bottle

Vivara Urban Bottle

Vivara pattern was born in 1965 and represents a view of the homonymous crescent-shaped island in the Gulf of Naples – which waves now decorate the stainless steel of Urban Bottle by 24Bottles.

Emilio Pucci x 24Bottles Limited Edition reusable stainless steel bottle
Torre Urban Bottle

Torre Urban Bottle

Torre pattern shows an abstract and two-tone geometry which inspired “Pucci Pants”, a work by the artist Mel Ramos dated back to 1966. The historical pattern is often used by the Maison on their clothing and accessories collections, but not only.

The Emilio Pucci Paris flagship store on the iconic Avenue Montaigne is a modern palazzo designed by architect Joseph Dirand with plenty of input from the Brand’s creative director, Peter Dundas, and displays an impressive grandeur and sophistication. In fact, grey and purple marble inlay adorn the floor, inspired by the House’s iconic Torre print.

Drink responsibly‚ the Pucci’s way

The project is the result of a sustainability study promoted by a Stanford University student, born and developed within the Emilio Pucci Heritage Hub in its headquarters in Palazzo Pucci, Florence.

Emilio Pucci chose 24Bottles and created Vivara Urban Bottle and Torre Urban Bottle, designed to help spread awareness about sustainability.

The Limited Edition, available in two prints, Vivara and Torre, giving a touch of energy with their fluid, colourful movements and the strong black and white graphic style, is distributed from June the 12th 2019 in all the boutiques of the fashion house and on e-commerce.

Silk road and cross-cultural diffusion: China Growl Clima Bottle between two worlds

08 Jun 2019
24Bottles China Growl Clima Bottle Limited Edition reusable stainless steel water bottle
24Bottles Limited Edition China Growl Clima Bottle

Drawing inspiration from the ancient art of Oriental weaving, the China Growl Clima Bottle pattern design is a tribute to the precious silks typical of ancient China.

Through land, sea and river routes, mythological figures and world-famed trade exchanges, 24Bottles China Growl Clima Bottle carries the deep cultural vibrations of a connecting link between two worlds.

Silk: an Empress’ story

Legend has it that the Chinese Empress Si Ling-Chi sat in the shade of her court garden, sipping tea beneath gracious mulberry trees. She heard a tiny rustle in the leaves above her, and the breeze suddenly dropped a white cocoon into her teacup. Instead of picking it out of her drink, she watched as the hot water began to dissolve it. Soon her tea was laced with shimmering filaments. And Si Ling-Chi imagined the luminous gown she might weave for her husband, Hoang-ti, the mythic Yellow Emperor.

That is how Chinese tradition recounts the discovery of silk in the year 2700 BC. Si Ling-Chi went on to develop sericulture – the science of silk production.

24Bottles Limited Edition China Growl Clima Bottle

The silk road

Silk cloth was extremely valuable in Ancient China. Wearing silk was an important status symbol. Silk was even used as money during some Ancient Chinese dynasties.
The discovery of silk laid the basis to the world-famed trade, which led to extensive and multimillennial commercial exchanges between the Far East and West.
Silk was such an important product from China that the trade route from Europe to China became known as the Silk Road.
Sericulture became a state secret in China and remained a mystery for thousands of years, but around the thirteenth century, Italy became one of the major producers of silk. Some of the finest silk in the world is made in Italy today.

Exhibit in the Portland Art Museum – Portland, Oregon, USA.

The dragon on China Growl Clima Bottle

The Chinese dragon is a spiritual and cultural symbol that represents prosperity and good luck, as well as a rain deity that fosters harmony.
Chinese dragons have many animal-like forms, but are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs. They traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods.
The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. During the days of Imperial China, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial strength and power.
That’s why, in Chinese culture, excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon.

24Bottles Limited Edition China Growl Clima Bottle insulated bottle
24Bottles Limited Edition China Growl Clima Bottle

The colours of China Growl Clima Bottle

In traditional Chinese art and culture, colours play a significant role; that’s why we picked blue, green, yellow and red when designing our Limited Edition China Growl Clima Bottle.

Calmness, nature, power and happiness are just a few of the emotions that we wanted to depict while designing China Growl.

Blue represents heaven in the sky, immortality, healing and calmness. It’s commonly mixed with the colour green, arising the combined colour qing (青).

Green symbolises new beginnings, renewability, and is usually tied to Nature among the Chinese community: growth, spring, harvest and health.

Yellow is the colour of royalty, power and wealth. Centuries ago, it was worn by emperors and it’s also a nod to the Yellow Empress, who discovered silk.

Red is an auspicious colour in Chinese culture, is capable of warding off evil spirits, representing luck, happiness, celebration and prosperity.

The Great Wall of China

New silk road, cross-cultural diffusion and sustainability

China has emerged as an economic and political power in the past decade. This has lead to significant changes in geo-economics, geopolitics and cross-cultural diffusion.
To strengthen connections between Asia, Europe and Africa, and promote cross-border trade, economic integration and inclusive growth, China founded the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI), a recent ambitious infrastructure project along with the ancient land and maritime Silk Road routes.
The project has the aim to address the infrastructure gap and boost economic growth, but the international community raised concerns on the potential worldwide environmental risk.
The Chinese government is fully aware of the imperative of “greening” the BRI and took various initiatives to make sure to seize the opportunity to share good practices and provide policy solutions to sustainable development.
Shouqing Zhu and Sha Song wrote an interesting article on the World Economic Forum’s website. They highlighted three cornerstones to ensure that environmental friendliness, climate resilience and social inclusiveness are built into the new investment projects and daily business operations in the Belt and Road region.
They hope that “the BRI will be a win-win solution for development and sustainability, and that China and other investing countries could make a great contribution to the green transition to sustainability in the countries along the ancient Silk Road.”