24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape after the holidays

07 Jan 2020

Christmas Holidays are behind us and, in addition to presents and flashy decorations, they probably left us a few extra pounds.
If you are wondering how to get back into shape after the holiday excess, you are in the right place.
24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape after the holidays are here to help you dealing with the coldest months of the year, produce some endorphins and help you fight back January blues.

Don’t overdo it! And have fun!

24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape after the holidays begins with a statement.

Let’s get real: only a few days ago you were swimming through chocolate, butter and bacon like there was no tomorrow. No need now to try running 42 km or spending hours at the gym lifting disproportionate weights without a proper training.

Also, let us lighten your conscience: we are sure you deserved to treat yourself, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it!

What you need now is to find a way to shake it up a bit, while having some fun.
Freezing and snowy outside? Take it as an opportunity to spend a weekend skiing or playing in the snow with your Graffiti Beat Urban Bottle!
Or, if you’re a music lover, what better way to exercise than dancing? Take a jazz dance lesson or a swing class accompanied by the exclusive Purple Rhythm Urban Bottle.

Don’t forget that sport can also be a great way to meet new people and socialize.
Whether it is your teammates or gym partner, Wild Tune and Coral Pulse will introduce you to your workout buddies by proving that you care about style and environment even when practising.

24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape: stay hydrated!

When it comes to a healthy and balanced diet, the golden rule remains the same: drink plenty of water!
Staying hydrated doesn’t only affect your brain, but it becomes particularly crucial when you’re exercising.

24Bottles Athleisure Collection was born to ensure your hydration while doing sports thanks to an innovative, pop-up straw you can open using only one hand. The Sport Lid can perfectly fit all Clima and Urban Bottles. You only need to choose your favourite.

Last but not least, any post-Christmas diet should include some detox elements: give yourself a treat by creating different infused water.
Cucumber and mint, lemon and ginger, apple and cinnamon are only some of the creative combinations you can try with your Infuser Bottle, that will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

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