How to choose the best sport bottle?

06 May 2021

If you can’t skip your workout at the gym or just love some exercise to keep fit, then you’ll know that a good sport bottle is what you need to stay hydrated.

Why choose a reusable sport bottle?

Hydration is paramount while training, and if you’re looking for a reason to give up buying single-use plastic ones, we’ll give you four.

You can avoid plastic

Adopting a reusable sports water bottle helps reduce plastic waste. It means that you can prevent ocean pollution and preserve marine life by simply choosing your reusable bottle. As a consequence, you can contribute to minimizing microplastics, which are harmful to humans, too.

You can save money and time
You may think that single-use plastic bottles are a convenient solution, but that’s not true. First of all, you don’t need to pay for drinking water when, in most cases, tap water is free and safe. Secondly, you can also save time and energy by avoiding going to the grocery store every time you need to buy a water bottle. That’s because your reusable water bottle will always be at hand, and you can refill it almost everywhere for free.

You can make a statement

A reusable water bottle shows that you are doing your part to save the Earth and speaks volumes about what you care about. It can also motivate others to do the same, thus increasing a beneficial impact on the environment and promote a positive change.

You can be more stylish
Let’s be honest: not only single-use plastic bottles are harmful to the environment and us, but they’re also a bad choice in terms of style. On the other hand, while being safe for the Earth and for our health, reusable water bottles are also very trendy and beautiful. You only need to choose the one that perfectly matches your style.

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Now that you know why adopting a reusable water bottle is a good habit, you may want to discover how to choose the best reusable sports bottle.

Regardless of your favourite physical activity, there are some key points to evaluate when choosing your sport bottle.

Whether it be cardio or weight, fitness or yoga, athletics or cycling, you need to consider materials, safety, functionality and quality.

Material: stainless steel

You definitely want your reusable sports bottle to keep your water safe. That’s why the Sport Bottle by 24Bottles is made of certified 18/8 stainless steel: the best material for food contact.

Quality and safety: certifications
Choosing the best material isn’t enough to ensure your safety. That’s why you need to make sure that your sports bottle is tested and certified for food contact just like Sport Bottle by 24Bottles is.

Functionality: sport bottle with straw

The Sport Bottle by 24Bottles features an innovative, flip-open straw. We designed it to ensure a convenient one-handed opening.
We wanted to give you a non-stop drinking experience for better hydration while doing sports, so you can quench your thirst with just one movement. It is also leakproof and features a highly grippable finish for maximum comfort.

Designed for life
Our Sport Bottle is also the most lightweight alternative to disposable plastic bottles. It’s just what you need to bring your drinks along all day, without adding weight to your bag or to your workout.

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