Let’s Ride Our Bikes to Work (and Beyond)

Join the global celebration for the finest means of transport

June 3rd World Bicycle Day - Bike To Work Weeks 24Bottles

A few weeks ago, the UN has finally decided to make June the 3rd the official “World Bicycle Day“, to create awareness about the multiple societal benefits of using the bicycle for transport and leisure.


We are sure you love to ride as much as we do. So at 24Bottles we decided to announce two “Bike to Work Weeks” to foster the use of bicycle over other means of transport and to help more and more people ride their iron horses instead of using their car, when not strictly necessary.


Browsing through our shop you can find some nice combos for cyclists we put together to encourage you to take your bikes more often and better enjoy your journeys.


Porta Bottiglia and Sportiva Bag combined with a high-quality water bottle make the perfect additions to your bike gear.

World Bicycle Day - Sunday, June 3, 2018 - Bike To Work Weeks 24Bottles
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