Green Smoothie and Infused Water in your 24Bottles by Stella Bellomo!

26 Jun 2020

Summer is officially here with all its marvellous fruits and scents. We thought we’d share two recipes for a Green Smoothie and an Infused Water to taste in your 24Bottles! These are coming straight from an Italian food blogger’s notebook! Stella Bellomo tried them for us and promised they will spice up your day!

Here you can find Stella’s recipes for a vitamin-packed Green Smoothie and a delicate Infused Water: your summer healthy addiction.

Green Smoothies and Infused Water recipes by Stella Bellomo

Albert Einstein used to say that “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Stella agrees with the idea. She’s a nature lover, passionate about photography and good cooking, striving every day to adopt small habits for a sustainable lifestyle, staying as authentic and green as possible.

On her blog (Stella Bellomo – A green and joyful living) and her socials, she shares her creative projects, ranging from recipes to do-it-yourself tutorials, book recommendations and sustainable tips.

We absolutely love her elegant and positive style, bringing us gently to a joyful world, and we are glad she adopted 24Bottles products as everyday allies against single-use plastic.
Let’s discover the two recipes she prepared for us! She says the Green Smoothie is her personal favourite, a real ‘comfort food’, with a genuine taste and super easy to make.

Photo credits: Stella Bellomo.

Green Smoothie featuring Travel Tumbler

This fabulous little smoothie comes with the decisive aromatic notes of raw cocoa enhancing the flavours of the other ingredients. Have a sip during a break from a mountain hike or enliven an office day when you thought you had no new ideas coming!

1 banana
1 bowl of fresh spinach
1 bowl of strawberries and cherries
1 teaspoon of raw cocoa powder

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer until you get a smooth and nice texture. Fill your Travel Tumbler to keep it cool up to 24 hours and enjoy!

Bring it in your purse, bag, backpack and take it with you everywhere: the exclusive Sip&Go Lid is designed to be leakproof but easy for you to open. And if you can’t get enough of this Green Smoothie, remember to choose Travel Tumbler 600 ml, and you will be all set.

Photo credits: Stella Bellomo.

Discover Travel Tumbler

Infused Water with Clima Bottle and Infuser Lid

We all know how much proper hydration is essential for our body, but sometimes water can get a bit boring. If you are looking for something as satisfying as a fruit juice but with the lightness of freshwater, try this little recipe to get a tasty infusion without adding any sugar.

1 bowl of chopped apricots and strawberries
4 mint leaves

Fill your Infuser Lid with the fruits and the mint leaves, add cool water and insert your Infuser Lid in your 24Bottles. Let flavours blend and enjoy your infused water wherever you want with our all-in-one alternative to the classic teapot making brewing easy and quick.
When you’re done, remove Infuser Lid easily and safely thanks to its heat-resistant grip, then reuse or discard the ingredients.
Remember! Infuser Lid fits all 24Bottles: you can either choose Infuser Bottle (with Infuser Lid already integrated) or choose your favourite bottle and add Infuser Lid to it.

Photo credits: Stella Bellomo.

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24Bottles takes action against COVID-19

05 Jun 2020
24Bottles takes action against COVID-19
Sacco Hospital in Milan

24Bottles takes action and fights against COVID-19

Even though our efforts to support communities are constantly on-going, we felt it was particularly important to take action during this difficult time to make us feel that we’re in this together. We used our expertise, resources and global reach to engage our community (through the social campaign #messageinabottle) and support medical staff. We wanted to support those who have been on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and see how we could make meaningful contributions to those affected by the pandemic.

The total value of 24Bottles’ commitment in the fight against COVID-19 emergency is over 100.000 euros, while 24Bottles’ employees joined their efforts by providing more than 90 hours of voluntary work, focusing on the success of these charity initiatives with enthusiasm and positivity.

24Bottles takes action: today, for tomorrow

As a Certified B Corp, at 24Bottles we aim to save our home planet through a positive environmental and social impact, striving every day to build a better and greener future.

While supporting reforestation programs all over the world (in Africa, South America and Asia), this time we felt it was important to engage on a local level, honouring our bond with the territory and with our roots. 

The monetary donations made to the Fondazione Policlinico S. Orsola ONLUS in Bologna and to the Italian Civil Protection met this need of supporting those who first took care of us and our community.

24Bottles takes action against COVID-19
Credits: Silvia Lombardi

2.330 times thank you!

Small gestures can go a long way.
We decided to engrave our sincere and heartfelt “Thank you!” on 2,330 Urban Bottles for the medical staff of some of the most strongly affected organizations. The iconic reusable bottles have been donated to the Red Cross of Milan and Bologna, the Public Assistance of the city of Bologna and seven Italian intensive care units – Sant’Orsola (BO), Sacco Hospital (MI), Pope John XXIII (BG), Spedali Civili (BS), Turin OGR COVID Hospital, and the Local Health Authorities of Lodi and Cremona. 
Since we know disposable materials have multiplied during the pandemic,  we wanted to help healthcare professionals to try and limit the use of disposable plastic bottles as much as possible.
Now, they will have their personal Urban Bottle that they can use every day, wash carefully, and be sure always to hydrate safely.
A symbolic gesture dedicated to the ordinary heroes fighting COVID-19, a present that will accompany them every day reiterating the thank you engraved in ours and everyone’s heart.

Every bottle came with a note:

“This is our applause for all of you.
A little something to thank you for everything you do every day.
A reusable and personal bottle, to quench your thirst safely and help our planet, avoiding disposable plastic.
This way, you will hear our “thank you” echoing in every little moment of pause.
24Bottles Team”

The #messageinabottle social campaign

Involving our entire community, we started a real solidarity campaign in support of the Italian Civil Protection. 10% of all online sales revenues during April 2020 have been donated to the Italian organisation. 

The social campaign #messageinabottle, launched on our Instagram profile, gave a human face to the initiative by creating a real bond across miles and borders.

We printed and added the positive messages of our community in random orders placed on to make us feel united beyond distances.

A letter from our founders

We took action using all our tools and expertise, from the community to the product. We immediately supported the fight against COVID-19 by helping the Fondazione Policlinico S. Orsola ONLUS, one of the institutions on the front line of our territory. Then we extended our support on a national scale to the Italian Civil Protection and other organisations.

We must thank our customers, users and loyal followers who have chosen, encouraged and supported us during this challenging period.
We would also like to thank the entire 24Bottles team
, who has personally participated by dedicating over 90 hours of volunteer work to the charity activities promoted by the company.

In fact, in addition to the Fondazione Policlinico S. Orsola ONLUS and the Italian Civil Protection, we could also support the Red Cross in Milan and Bologna, the Public Assistance of the city of Bologna and seven Italian hospitals with their intensive care units – Policlinico Sant’Orsola (BO), Ospedale Sacco (MI), Papa Giovanni XXIII (BG), Spedali Civili (BS), the OGR COVID-19 Hospital in Torno, and Local Health Authorities of Lodi and Cremona.
We are particularly honoured to have developed a project of customisation on our Urban Bottle for the heroes of the emergency: 2,330 bottles we engraved and distributed to health workers in the areas most affected by Covid-19.

Thanks to the involvement of our entire community, we were able to donate products and funds for a total value of over €100,000. 

A unique and unexpected result that fills us with pride and gives us the strength and inspiration to overcome the adversities of this historical period, confident that we will continue to build a better future, along with our community”. 

Giovanni Randazzo e Matteo Melotti, 24Bottles founders, giving Urban Bottles to the Croce Rossa, district of Bologna

24Bottles founders giving the bottles to the Croce Rossa of Bologna

OGR Hospital in Turin

Non-profit organization Pubblica Assistenza Città di Bologna

Italian Red Cross, Milan Division

Italian Red Cross, Bologna Division

24Bottles and Italian design: understanding the beauty of marble

29 May 2020

24Bottles and Italian design are tightly connected: our love for design comes from a long tradition of craftsmanship and hard work that, in centuries, have shaped many cities, monuments and artwoks.
Today, we want to get to know better one of the noblest material of all times, a synonym of class and elegance all over the world: Carrara Marble.
We decided to ask an expert, Valentina, owner with her brother, Alessandro, of a marble processing workshop in Liguria.

Valentina, how did you become so passionate about your work?

I guess you can say I inherited it: it was my great-grandfather who opened the workshop in 1913, passing on his passion and savoir-faire to Alessandro and me, who are the fourth generation of marble artisans. 

Today, we interpret this thousand-year-old material transforming it into everyday objects: bowls, cutting boards, but also mouse pads and supports for smartphones and tablets. We offer the possibility to keep home a piece of tradition, handmade objects able to awaken ancient sensations.

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

Discover Black Marble Travel Tumbler

What are the most surprising characteristics of marble you have discovered during these years?

I have discovered that there are many kinds of white. Carrara Marble can be milk-white, or more greyish, like a cloudy sky. Marble veins are its fingerprints: they change depending on the part of the mountain from which the marble slab is extracted. When I was a child, they used to say that my great-grandfather was able to identify the extraction site of a piece of marble only by examining its veins.

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

Your workshop also makes custom-made objects. What is the strangest request a customer has ever made?

One hot summer day, this gentleman shows up and asks me to make him a slab of Carrara Marble. He gives me precise measurements, and when it’s ready, he comes to pick it up, satisfied. I thought he needed it for the kitchen worktop or something like that.
A few weeks later, he comes back to thank me. He tells me that his dog is really pleased with his new kennel. He had bought a Carrara Marble slab to keep its dog cool while sleeping during the warmer weather!

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

From 24Bottles and Italian design’s savoir-faire were born our beautiful and functional objects for everyday hydration. What is your favourite 24Bottles?

Carrara Clima Bottle, of course! The marble veins are incredibly realistic, and the 330 ml version is a kind of “prêt-à-porter”! I always keep it in my study when I sketch new products, and I put it in my bag when I visit the workshop to choose the marble slab or check the prototypes.

Photo credits: Alessandro Zaccaro.

Discover Carrara Clima Bottle

How to keep busy and creative during COVID-19 quarantine: 24Bottles brings you a photographer’s tips

29 Apr 2020

24Bottles and Samuele: sneak peek inside a photographer’s quarantine

Recently, all of us had to change habits, staying home to contain the spread of COVID-19.
The restriction of freedom is hard on everyone, but how do you adjust to quarantine, when you are used to be surrounded by the mountain’s light, its crisp air and boundless spaces?

Samuele is a nature photographer who lives in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol.
He founded a photography, video and graphic production agency with a friend, and his natural environment is the Dolomites. So, he is used to being overwhelmed by beauty.

We had a chat while he was sipping a large coffee under the affectionate surveillance of his French bulldog, Coco.

Samuele, how do you use this time at home?

Part of my job consists of organizing photography workshops around the world to find locations where to shoot the most breathtaking pictures of landscapes.

They are beautiful experiences, which become first of all opportunities to share the love of photography with other enthusiasts but they require a great deal of organizational work.
So, I am using this time to imagine our future adventures by planning the next trips.

How do you choose locations?
Sometimes I feel like the images create themselves in front of my lens: a light fog, the profile of the trees and a cloud’s arabesques pose for me, and I don’t have to add anything to make a beautiful picture.
But there are a few tricks I use when scouting locations.

First of all, I study an itinerary.
With a map and the help of Google Earth, I explore the sites I chose, trying to figure out where I can find the most interesting points of view.
Then, I imagine the sun’s path in each particular location: when does it rise? When does it set?

Some glaciers become particularly majestic in the first cold light of dawn, or deserts that take a thousand red tones at sunset.
Once I’ve gathered this information, I’ll make sure to organize our movements so that we capture every landscape at its best.

Where is the first place you’ll go once quarantine is over?
Iceland! That’s where our next workshop is going to take place. A country that I have already visited many times but that never ceases to amaze me.

A unique, suffused sky, the magic of Northern Lights, the lagoons of the glaciers: the best of my photographs cannot picture the complexity and power of Icelandic nature.

Which 24Bottles do you use the most?

Those who love nature respect it and those who live near the mountains are the most aware of how small we are if we compared to them.

For years I’ve been trying to reduce the use of single-use plastic, especially when I am travelling. My favourite 24Bottles reminds me of our bond with nature, with its beautiful pattern inspired by wood grain.

I carry with me a Travel Tumbler Sequoia Wood 600 ml, functional and reusable. I can fill it at springs and shelters, and it keeps my drinks always at the right temperature.

Discover Travel Tumbler

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli for Plastic Whale Foundation: together for plastic-free waters!

22 Apr 2020

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli united their efforts to create an exclusive collaboration. The Olimpia Zagnoli X 24Bottles Travel Tumbler Collection was born to sensitize the public over plastic pollution.

We are super excited to collaborate with the young, Italian illustrator. Her unmistakable style of smooth lines and bright colours transports us to a much more colourful and joyous world, where we would love to stay forever.

There’s something that makes the Olimpia Zagnoli X 24Bottles collaboration even more unique. The collection is indeed dedicated to supporting the Plastic Whale Foundation waters clean-up projects, through a donation made by 24Bottles.

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli: Meet the artist

Olimpia grew up in a creative environment, where she learnt to use all of her six senses and explore different techniques.

Colour is the real protagonist of her work. It turns into shapes and lines, giving life to a kaleidoscopic world where people’s hair can be blue, and perspective is just a game to play with. Olimpia says she draws the characters she would want to meet down the street.

She has worked with editorial brands, creating illustrations for The New York Times and The New Yorker. She even brought some colour to the New York subway system!

In the last few years, Olimpia started experimenting with design and fashion brands throughout Europe and the USA. She created three capsules collections for Marella, while some of her illustrations became shirts and shoes for Prada, and wall design for the first Uniqlo store in Milan.

After exposing at The Guggenheim Museum and the Antonio Colombo Gallery in Milan, Olimpia accepted the challenge of creating an exclusive collection for 24Bottles.

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli: what do we have in common?

Olimpia Zagnoli entered the 24Bottles’ world, and nothing has been the same again. As she embraced our mission to free the world from single-use plastics, we’ve been inundated by her creativity, impressive talent, and, of course, brilliant use of colours.

24Bottles and Olimpia Zagnoli’s collaboration comes from our belief in the power of creative synergies.

Olimpia, just like us, is convinced that design and art can play a role in encouraging sustainable practices. She shares our love for colours, the passion for design and sustainable commitment.

As she states “Collaborating with brands like 24Bottles and the Plastic Whale Foundation is definitely a way for me to give my contribution. And hopefully, send messages that will help people relate to important topics like climate change, and how important it is to preserve and take care of our Planet”.


Olimpia’s inspiration for the exclusive Travel Tumbler collection comes from vintage picnic equipment typical of the ’60s and ’70s. Patterns that we can now find only in granny’s or mom’s cupboards, as well as at the flea market.

Why a mermaid?
In Olimpia’s words “the mermaid […] is a fantastic creature that resembles perfectly the connection between our world and the natural world”.

A chat with the illustrator

About Plastic Whale Foundation

Plastic Whale Foundation is a Dutch NGO that turns plastic fishing into a powerful lesson for youngsters around Amsterdam, who can enjoy an entertaining education program on sustainability.

The project is backed by Plastic Whale, whose mission is to “set people into action and inspire others to do the same in order to clean waters from plastic”. Plastic Whale is the first plastic rescue company in the world, which now operates in Amsterdam. They turn the collected plastics into stunning design furniture, aiming to “create economic value from plastic waste, involving as many people as possible”.

They have a fleet of thirtheen boats made from Amsterdam Canals’ plastics and have reached over 10,000 people with their unique ‘plastic fishing’ tours in the city’s canals.

Their ultimate goal? Going out of business!

In their own words “Plastic Whale was founded to solve a problem, not to run the same business for 30+ years and slowly work toward our pensions. We were founded to go out of business. Although we know that it doesn’t just happen, this should always be our motivation. Just imagine the canals of Amsterdam, clean from plastic waste. When that happens, we aim to take our business further afield to other plastic-rich waters.”

“Stop Talking, Let’s start doing” is their motto, showing the urgency to take action and the belief in the positive power of doing together.

We couldn’t agree more. After all, our battle cry has always been #startwithabottle!

That is why we decided to support Plastic Whale Foundation by making a donation: to celebrate this exclusive collection and to take further steps to reduce global environmental impact.

Take a dive in the collection!

24Bottles is now a Certified B Corporation

12 Apr 2020

We’re proud to announce that 24Bottles is now a certified B Corporation, and we’re happy to share this achievement with our beloved community.

Since its establishment back in 2013, we always wanted 24Bottles to be a company able to drive a positive change.

As stated on the B Corp website “Certified B Companies are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. […] a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good.

At 24Bottles we know that our commitment can make a difference, especially in times like these. Our Planet Earth is sending us unmistakable, warning signs. This requires us to consider the impact of our decisions on the environment as well as on workers, customers, suppliers and our communities.

What is a B Corp?

A B Corp, also known as a Certified B Corporation, is a company that has achieved specific high standards. The non-profit B Lab, which certifies the B Corp, sets those standards.

The B Corp criteria include checked social and environmental efficiency of a company, its effect on its workers and consumers, its accountability to the public.
When a corporation is rated B Corp, it must amend its legal governing documents to ensure that its board of directors balances profit and purpose.

B Corps have chosen to become part of a change in global culture towards the idea of business as a force for good. They’re redefining “success” by using income and development as means to a more significant cause. Also, they’re pledging to help create a more prosperous, sustainable economy.

What does it mean being Certified B Corp for 24Bottles?

Our business aims to save our home planet through a positive environmental and social impact.

We firmly believe that revenues and business must be on the same level as value-driven, social and environmental commitment.

Therefore, we choose our partners, workers and suppliers carefully. We ask them to share our values and our way of doing business.

What about the future?

We did not set our sights on the B Corp Certification as the final goal. We believe that this achievement is just the beginning. This is not the finish line, as our next mission is always moved forward.

We care about the planet, but we also care about people. 24Bottles is a brand made of men and women working every day to drive a positive change, envisioning a better and greener future for the generations to come.

Every day, we’re building it. Today, for tomorrow.

We’re just trying to make it easier for our community, with a bit of style: #startwithabottle

Send your #messageinabottle with 24Bottles: share positivity and support the fight against COVID-19

27 Mar 2020

Why 24Bottles

As we are forced to change our way of life and habits to face the COVID-19, slowly adjusting to quarantine all around the world, it’s important to remember that we’re in this together.

We sing with our neighbours from the windows, we have a drink with friends on Skype, we follow the most popular hashtags on social media to feel that we are all facing the same difficulties.
At 24Bottles, we wanted to make our contribution and join the solidarity efforts thatmake us feel we’re not alone.

During this difficult time, we know a bottle isn’t the most important primary good, but it can be a way of sending a positive message to someone far away to tell them that everything will be OK.

24Bottles #messageinabottle is an initiative launched on our Instagram profile and designed to send a positive message. It will be your way of reaching someone far away and tell them that everything will be OK.
Keep reading to discover how to participate.
It’s free and easy, help us to share positivity!

Get your smartphones out, everyone!
This time, you won’t need thick paper, nor waterproof ink. Instead of rolling your message, you will just type it on your phone and we’ll take care of the rest.

24Bottles #messageinabottle: how can I participate?

Step 1: Download the #messageinabottle template.

Step 2: Write down your message and sign it by tagging your profile (add hashtags #messageinabottle #andratuttobene, #distantimauniti, #togetherathome).

Step 3: Share your #messageinabottle in your Instagram Stories and tag @24bottles_official.

And then what happens?

Unlike old fashioned messages in bottles, you are sure your message will be successfully delivered. We will print it and add it in a random order placed on www.24bottles.comSoon, someone will receive your message and they will know we are all united beyond distances.
Whether your #messageinabottle will travel to the four corners of the world or reach someone only a few kilometers away, we are sure your words of encouragement, hope and positivity will be a real ray of sunshine during this difficult time.

Why should I participate?

By participating in #messageinabottle initiative, not only you will spread your message of hope, but you will bring real help in battling the disease.
10% of all sales on will be donated to support the fight against COVID-19 emergency until April 30th.

Thank you!

Thank you for sending so many #messageinabottle and sharing your positivity!
24Bottles’ community grew even stronger when those who received the message posted it on their Instagram, tagging the author and creating a real bond across miles and borders.

You helped us feel united beyond distances and raise funds to fight COVID-19 emergency! 10% of all online sales revenues during April 2020 have been donated to the Italian Civil Protection.
We have been amazed by your words of encouragement, your joyous drawings, your creativity and your willingness to overcome this difficult time, together.

At 24Bottles, we are committed to drive a positive change. Discover how we envision a better and greener future for the generations to come, and how we are building it: today, for tomorrow.

Stay tuned to discover the other initiatives we joined to fight the COVID-19 emergency.

24Bottles is a Certified B Corporation

24Bottles and responsible travel: did you know you could fly with your reusable bottle?

21 Feb 2020

As soon as you have unpacked the bags of your last trip, you’re already planning the next one?
Do you spend hours going through travel books in your favourite library and daydreaming, but you are more and more concerned about the impact that your choices have on the planet?
24Bottles’ travel tips are here to help you follow your desire for adventure in a more eco-friendly way.

Pack light and hit the road!

There are many different ways to travel, but all navigated globetrotter would agree on this: packing light is crucial.
Pack only one week of essentials, including your Urban Bottle.
Our most lightweight stainless steel, reusable bottle
will allow you to avoid buying plastic ones. Refill it at crystal clear mountain springs or monumental fountains of a Renaissance city.

24Bottles follows your wanderings by providing accessories that will make your hydration easy at every time of the day. Try Sport Lid, featuring a convenient flip-open straw that fits all our bottles.

Are you looking for a solution for carrying your bottle safely without having to stuff anything more inside your backpack or suitcase?Bottle Tie is the solution you’re looking for. Extraordinary flexible, tie it around your 24Bottle and attach it to a bag or trouser loop, without any carabiner.

Also, did you know you could fly with your 24Bottles? Just empty it before the security check at the airport. Then, fill it in the gate area and take it with you on board.

Discover Urban Bottle

Quench your thirst for adventure!

Drinking enough water keeps you healthy and hydrated, improves your brain functions, and helps you look your best.

Carrying a water bottle wherever you go is a smart way of remembering to stay correctly hydrated, and what if it could also keep your beverages at the right temperature?

Picture it: you’ve just come out of the sea, and you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun. All you need to do is reach out to your Clima Bottle to savour ice-cold water or lemonade like you just took it out of the fridge.

Or maybe, taking a break from a long walk in the mountains where the crisp air tickles your face, you may want to stop in front of a magnificent panorama sipping a strong and revitalizing tea. No need of bringing a kettle nor a mug, Infuser Bottle is the all-in-one alternative that makes brewing easy and quick.

Discover Clima Bottle

24Bottles and responsible travel: stay true to yourself!

When travelling, you should be ready to embrace different cultures, learn other languages and meet new people.
Stay true to your plastic-free philosophy while grabbing the opportunities that travelling brings you!

Be flexible and open-minded: are you strolling down New York’s avenues and you are craving for a frappuccino or a chai latte? Put up your best smile and ask it to be served in your Travel Tumbler!

Are you enjoying a sandwich at a kiosk on the beach in Spain? Instead of buying a plastic water bottle, ask to refill your reusable one. Setting a good example is the first step to positively influence a real change in people’s habits. Your gesture will not go unnoticed and could encourage others to adopt 24Bottles.

Discover Travel Tumbler

Think about your little ones!

Travelling with kids can be challenging, but it’s a chance of building memories that will stay magical. Plus, what better way of encouraging sustainable habits that, hopefully, they will keep once they have grown up?

Clima Bottle 330 ml and Urban Bottle 250ml, with their cheery patterns and bright colours, will conquer the heart of your little ones. They will be happy to have an accessory at their one size and to be able to imitate the grown-ups.

With 24Bottles, responsible travel is for everyone!

Discover Clima Bottle 330ml

Inspiration Spring Summer 2020

31 Jan 2020

Inspiration Spring Summer 2020

If pure, clean lines are the bones of 24Bottles’ original design, colours and patterns are the heart of our style.

24Bottles’ Design Team has a green soul and a kaleidoscopic mind: the Inspiration Spring Summer 2020 is the map to our new world, from concept to creation.

All the colour breakdowns, reflections and dreams that led our imagination and creative instinct while working on the new collections of 24Bottles have been gathered here.

Inspiration Spring Summer 2020 brings you closer to our Design Team, the beating heart of 24Bottles.

A journey through our creative process among metaphoric islands and visionary paths to give you a sneak peek of 24Bottles’ new stylistic essence.


Cruise Collection

Cruise Collection is your getaway to a fantasy adventure.

Its exotic colours and shapes outline nature’s complexity and create a joyous collage.

Keep that magical holiday feeling alive through these luxurious patterns: an ongoing invitation to daydream.

Discover Cruise

Floral Collection

The Floral Collection will take you to a sensational promenade through enchanted forests, wild bushes and finely blossomed meadows.

Vibrant fantasies of blooms and foliage create a naturally fantastic atmosphere for a soothing digital detox to re-connect with nature.

Discover Floral

Pop Collection

Unexpected motifs in vibrant colours are the highlights of Pop Collection.

A fancy, youthful rejuvenation of urban spaces, along with its frenetic activity, technological connectivity and dual interpretations.

Discover Pop


Pastel Collection

The pretty, soft tones of Pastel Collection give the subdued and dreamy feels of youthful liveliness.

Milky hues form a delightful and charming palette, which delicate force sets a spring-like mood all over the year.

Discover Pastel

Wood Collection

The seamless effect of the Wood Collection will take you to the most rustic atmosphere allowing you to smell the forest scent even from the city jungle.

Choose the fresh colours or keep a total smooth wood look to renew your bond with nature.

Discover Wood

Basic Collection

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Leonardo Da Vinci.

For the Basic Collection, we removed any adornment to go back to the essentials.

The stainless steel that constitutes all of our bottles finally moves into the spotlight to reveal its sleek elegance.

Discover Basic


Earth Collection

The Earth Collection outlines breathtaking landscapes and diverse nature from Scotland to Alaska.

From blue green lakes and sapphire waves, thick woodland and golden beaches, to rocky peaks and sweeping glens shrouded in mist, we immersed ourselves in the Earth’s charm.

The particular uneven Stone Finish adds consistency and gives an extremely accurate texture to the surface.

Discover Earth

Silk Collection

Featuring the pleasant Satin Finish, the Silk Collection dons some exclusive cheery and sweet graphics.

Ribbons of thin flowers and discreet hues blend into a haze of happiness to complete your outfit and set an upbeat mood for any occasion.

Discover Silk

Rover Collection

Inspired by the uneven paths that lead to unexpected adventures, the Rover Collection is a hymn of praise to beautiful, earth tone solids.

The exclusive, hard-wearing finishing will endure all journeys, giving freedom to roam and making each adventure an unforgettable one.

Discover Rover


Grand Collection

Fashionable and classy, the Grand Collection draws inspiration from some icons of the luxury world.

Sophisticated marbles, polished finishing, metallic hints, charming aesthetic graphics give the collection a unique allure.

Discover Grand

Glow Collection

Shine with Glow Collection!

Its shimmering luminescence brings positivity and power to your day while adding an elegant touch to your night.

Discover Glow

Infuser Collection

Pattern transforms everyday basics with a focus on elemental and mineral persuasion in the Infuser Collection.

Organic surfaces are wisely mixed with refined and considered colours and shapes to convey an elevated normality which goes beyond the beautiful functionalism of modern durability.

Discover Infuser

Discover the latest 24Bottles’ novelties from our Spring Summer 2020 New Collections

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24Bottles Travel Tumbler: the 100% leakproof experience for coffee and smoothie lovers

14 Jan 2020

Your coffee-break during the rush hour!

Introducing Travel Tumbler

We know that you are always on the move, in a constantly changing environment where you need to be ready to adjust your plans in a second.
With Travel Tumbler, we created the ultimate accessory for coffee lovers and a stylish commuter-proof ally during the rush hour.
Bring it with you and savour your favourite comfort drink everywhere.

High quality materials and compact design

Made of 18/8 stainless steel to guarantee 24Bottles’ high-quality, long-lasting, reusable standards, Travel Tumbler keeps the flavour of your beverages without imparting any taste or releasing harmful substances.

Travel Tumbler fits most car cup holders and comes in two sizes: 350 ml and 600 ml, for the strongest coffee drinkers. Bring Travel Tumbler without worrying about anything: its Sip&Go lid is leakproof and easy to open.

Ready when you need it, Travel Tumbler will keep your drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24.


Clever commuting hacks: always carry a book with you, be ready to appreciate beauty in everything you see and do not underestimate the power of a hot coffee or a good energy smoothie!

24Bottles Travel Tumbler was born for those who catch the 7 am train, wait at traffic lights, and flow through the city.

Fill it with your favourite drink, grab it on your way out and enjoy.

More than just coffee

What does your favorite drink say about you?

If you are curious and romantic, chances are that you will choose the calmness of a Chai Latte.

Those with sweet tooth will prefer a sumptuous hot chocolate, while the health-conscious will opt for fresh juices, smoothies or vegetable drink.
Travel Tumbler will become your best ally, whether you’re a coffee-holic or a smoothie person. Serve your homemade cocktails or enjoy tasteful fruit extracts with an elegant, italian designed accessory.

Perfect for latte, spiced coffee, smoothie, milkshake, fruit juice, lemonade, iced tea, it will follow your everyday life with its easy and safe flip-top system.


Travel Tumbler displays some of 24Bottles’ most loved patterns, and a few exclusive ones: Martinique and Skyglow.
Did you know that Martinique is also called the Isle of Flowers? To celebrate its magical, unspoiled nature, we created Martinique Travel Tumbler. You can now comfortably keep the colours and flowers of the Caribbean on your desk, in your car or handbag, and travel to rainforests and waterfalls.

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With Skyglow Travel Tumbler, we wanted to recreate the magic of the diffuse luminance of the night sky. Its shimmering luminescence brings positivity and power to your routine while adding an elegant touch to your outfit. An unexpected symphony of colours that harmonises contrasts and features a Bright Polished Finish.
Let it irradiate your day and enhance your night.

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Stylish and sustainable

Did you know that Travel Tumbler is zero emissions? The CO2 emissions involved in the production, transportation and packaging of all our products are offset, thanks to international reforestation programs.

By choosing this unique design accessory, you will add a special touch to your cosmopolitan look and you will help reduce the use of disposable cups. Learn more about our sustainability engagement.

Everything you need to know about Travel Tumbler

24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape after the holidays

07 Jan 2020

Christmas Holidays are behind us and, in addition to presents and flashy decorations, they probably left us a few extra pounds.
If you are wondering how to get back into shape after the holiday excess, you are in the right place.
24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape after the holidays are here to help you dealing with the coldest months of the year, produce some endorphins and help you fight back January blues.

Don’t overdo it! And have fun!

24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape after the holidays begins with a statement.

Let’s get real: only a few days ago you were swimming through chocolate, butter and bacon like there was no tomorrow. No need now to try running 42 km or spending hours at the gym lifting disproportionate weights without a proper training.

Also, let us lighten your conscience: we are sure you deserved to treat yourself, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it!

What you need now is to find a way to shake it up a bit, while having some fun.
Freezing and snowy outside? Take it as an opportunity to spend a weekend skiing or playing in the snow with your Graffiti Beat Urban Bottle!
Or, if you’re a music lover, what better way to exercise than dancing? Take a jazz dance lesson or a swing class accompanied by the exclusive Purple Rhythm Urban Bottle.

Don’t forget that sport can also be a great way to meet new people and socialize.
Whether it is your teammates or gym partner, Wild Tune and Coral Pulse will introduce you to your workout buddies by proving that you care about style and environment even when practising.

24Bottles’ tips to get back in shape: stay hydrated!

When it comes to a healthy and balanced diet, the golden rule remains the same: drink plenty of water!
Staying hydrated doesn’t only affect your brain, but it becomes particularly crucial when you’re exercising.

24Bottles Athleisure Collection was born to ensure your hydration while doing sports thanks to an innovative, pop-up straw you can open using only one hand. The Sport Lid can perfectly fit all Clima and Urban Bottles. You only need to choose your favourite.

Last but not least, any post-Christmas diet should include some detox elements: give yourself a treat by creating different infused water.
Cucumber and mint, lemon and ginger, apple and cinnamon are only some of the creative combinations you can try with your Infuser Bottle, that will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

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24Bottles and Dior: Pre-Fall 2020 Menswear runway

11 Dec 2019

24Bottles hit the runway with Dior in Miami

Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 show

We always remember our “firsts”, but this one will be impossible to forget.
24Bottles hit its very first runway on December 4th in Miami at the Dior Pre-Fall 2020 Menswear Collection.

We are proud of being chosen as one of the design accessories included in the Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection. An exclusive edition of Clima Bottle found its place on the runway, swaying gently on one model’s belt.

Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones took Miami by storm last week with a surfer-inspired, ‘80s kind-of-style runway. Inside the degradé scenography, green and lime colours dominated the atmosphere, with different versions of Dior’s logo displayed in a graffiti version.

The focus on accessories of this collection was marked by several creations: tasteful shoppers, elegant berets, a sophisticated fan, even a limited edition of American Air Jordan 1.

A logo-emblazoned Clima Bottle was spotted through the stream of exclusive pieces and was included in the special kit offered to a selection of guests among which Bella Hadid, Daniel Arsham, David Beckham, Maluma and Kate Moss.

Clima Bottle: a sustainable Italian design accessory

In creating Clima Bottle, 24Bottles achieved the ultimate synthesis of compact design and thermal resistance. Completely plastic-free, double-walled and insulated, Clima Bottle is a watertight stainless steel bottle capable of keeping drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.

24Bottles fosters a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives. The CO2 emissions involved in its production, transportation and packaging are offset, by supporting international reforestation programs.

24Bottles and Dior created a Clima Bottle edition as a result of unique manufacturing and synergy between creative brands. The yellow and lime-green gradient of the runway’s scenography was used as a canvas to engrave Stussy’s iconic lettering, creating an intriguing and irregular texture.

Dior x Stussy

In the beginning, there was a Californian manufacturer of surfboards.
His name is Shawn Stussy.
He used to scribble his surname on his handcrafted surfboards with a broad tipped marker. In the early ‘80s, he founded a company that adopted this signature as a logo to be displaced on clothes and accessories and has since become one of the most recognizable “Californian lifestyle” brands.

Shawn Stussy is the man who sublimed skateboarder culture, bringing it to the most exclusive circle of Laguna Beach, before resigning as
President of the Company in 1996.
His reappearance under the spotlights for a Dior collaboration added much anticipation to the show, gathering nostalgic millennials as
well as design lovers.

The brand’s iconic lettering dominated the show and its exclusive accessories, spreading a streetwear and graffiti ambience all over the crowd. Kim Jones’s love for streetwear is only part of the equation behind this collaboration with Stussy. Dior’s artistic director for menswear remembered in an interview how he would copy Stussy’s familiar logo in his school notebooks, and wanting to include it in his collection as a recognition
of his significance in streetwear fashion.

24Bottles is honoured of having being part of a show that
celebrated art and design.

Clima Bottle gracefully wore Stussy’s iconic lettering, proving its versatility and living the dream of any fashion lover: hitting the runway with Dior.

Discover the official Dior Video