Clima: a reusable insulated bottle like no other

25 Oct 2017

Since we started this adventure called 24Bottles, we have been cultivating the idea of creating the most beautiful stainless steel water bottles we could imagine.
We wanted to emancipate the good old “canteen” from the domain of the outdoors, rework the concept at its heart and make it suitable and convenient for the modern life in the city. Our research for the perfect design led us to the creation of the Urban Bottle. Clima Bottle emerges as its natural evolution.
We wanted to give our bottles a unique silhouette, both comfortable and fancy, merging functionality and beauty, with the purpose of urging more and more people to forget about plastic bottles and go reusable.
Thanks to its enhanced insulating performance, balanced with a restrained weight for maximum portability, we are confident that the new line of Clima Bottles will empower more and more people to ditch plastic bottles and go for a reusable solution to take care of one’s own daily hydration.
Enjoy exploring all the features of the brand new Clima Bottle in this colourful video:

Clima is the Italian word for “climate” which, nowadays, has to be considered one of the world’s main concerns.
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Start now drinking (really) responsibly