Clima Bottle

The right temperature at the right time

12hours hot and 24hours cold

Clima Bottle, the double-walled and insulated water bottle, protects the taste and temperature of your beverages. Clima Bottle is equipped with a double stainless steel wall with vacuum technology that allows drinks to stay warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours without additional accessories.

Compact design:
same size, less volume, little weight

24Bottles designed Clima Bottle to be the most compact insulated bottle ever. We wanted to provide a convenient drinking experience while on the go, by combining form and function. You’ll get excellent thermal capacity, in less space and weight than same-size bottles.

Sweat-free, does not condensate

We conceived Clima Bottle to let you fill it with your favourite drinks without worrying about anything: it does not create moisture or condensation. Clima Bottle is an insulated double-walled thermal bottle, so the outside of its body will remain at room temperature, regardless of the temperature of its contents, whether it is icy or hot.

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