Earth Day 2021: how to Restore Our Earth with 24Bottles

22 Apr 2021

The aim of Earth Day is to raise environmental awareness. The 2021 Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth“, and the 24Bottles community cares for it deeply.

Earth Day 2021 is the occasion to recognise humanity’s connection to the Earth and increase public understanding of our environmental issues.

While the world is struggling to exit the pandemic, we can now clearly see which is the next big challenge to address for the wellbeing of our Planet: climate change. The theme of this year’s Earth Day couldn’t be more timely. “Restore Our Earth” is an unmistakable call to action for all of us. We need to change our lifestyle if we want to stop climate change.

Since it is up to each and everyone of us to Restore Our Earth, we at 24Bottles thought to make it easier for you. Keep on reading and find out how we can help you reduce your impact on the Planet.

How to Restore Our Earth with a little help from 24Bottles

Get rid of single-use plastic bottles with Urban Bottle

Urban Bottle is perfect for keeping yourself hydrated at the office, at the gym and in your everyday life. It is a combination of form and function that stands out for its lightness and allows you to avoid disposable plastic daily.
The extra plus?
Urban Bottle is the gift that keeps on giving: producing a single-use, 500ml plastic bottle involves 0,08 Kg of CO2 eq. But by refilling your 24Bottles, you can save -0,08 Kg of CO2 eq multiple times every day and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Change your cup, not your style with Travel Tumbler

You don’t have to give up your style to help the Planet, only your disposable cups! Match the exclusive designs of Travel Tumbler with your mood or outfit, and take action for the planet: join the refill movement.
The extra plus?
Some coffee bars and cafes offer special discounts if you bring your own reusable cup. Travel Tumbler by 24Bottles is insulated and 100% leakproof: what are you waiting for?

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Say goodbye to single-use tea bags with Infuser Bottle

The Infuser Bottle is an all-in-one tea accessory that will make your brew moments effortless and even eco-friendly. You’ll say goodbye to single-use tea bags once and for all while discarding tea leaves, fruits and spices directly into the organic waste. You’ll also have only one thing to wash when you’re finished, which is even better.
The extra plus?
Infuser Bottle is insulated and 100% leakproof, keeping your tea hot for up to 12 hours and your infused water cold for up to 24 hours.

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Don’t stop the party, just stop the plastic with Party Cups & Reusable Straws

24Bottles stainless steel Party Cup is your smart pick for events and parties. A hip and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic cups and fragile glasses.
You can use them with our Stainless Steel Reusable Straws to get rid of the single-use ones with a stylish solution.
Whether you’re drinking cocktails, tea, iced coffee, smoothies, juice or just water, the 24Bottles Party Cups and Reusable Straws are perfect for all your drinking needs.
The extra plus?
Party Cups and Stainless Steel Reusable Straws are perfect for events, party, catering, professional, but you can also use them at home, every day.

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Also, did you know that 24Bottles products are zero-emission?
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Whether you are already part of our community or new to our commitment, we can all make a difference everyday.
Start today. Start with a bottle.
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