Equality Day: how 24Bottles empowers women

26 Aug 2021

Gender Equality can lead to a more sustainable society

On August the 26th, we celebrate Gender Equality Day. In this particular moment in time, it is even more significant. Recent statistics showed how pre-existing gender inequalities exposed women to COVID-19-related economic consequences more than men.

About Gender Equality

Gender Equality is a fundamental human right and – as stated by the United Nations – a tool for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.
Workplace equality, essential services and facilitators of economic opportunity, legal protection and political representation, physical security and autonomy are among the issues that need to be addressed. 
Taking action now represents a significant opportunity for our future.

How COVID-19 affected Gender Equality

The global pandemic impacted women more than men.

Just to give an example, women count for 75 per cent of the world’s total unpaid care work, including caring for children and the elderly, cooking, and cleaning.

This affects women’s ability to keep a job, pursue professional and technical careers, as well as leadership positions.

At 24Bottles, women count for 65% of the total workforce and two-thirds of the management roles are held by women.

Gender Equality: how 24Bottles empowers women

24Bottles is a certified B Corporation. We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good, and we strive every day to reduce our social impact.
Consistency is one of our founding beliefs: revenues and business must be on the same level as value-driven, environmental and social commitment. We work with patience, perseverance and dedication to spread our ideas inside and outside the company in a positive, endless sharing cycle.
24Bottles’ founders and our Human Resources Team are adamant on the issue by encouraging a work environment where men can advocate for female colleagues.

We strongly believe in leading by example; that’s why we also support women-run businesses. Through the years, we worked with young female designers like Elena Salmistraro, Olimpia Zagnoli, and we supported female-empowering organizations such as Malala Fund.

A letter from 24Bottles Founders

Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti, 24Bottles’ founders, have shared an open letter to celebrate Gender Equality Day:
“Since the establishment of 24Bottles, back in 2013, we have always wanted to be a company able to drive a positive change.
The mission we shared since the beginning led us to inspire a huge community throughout the world by simply adopting a new, sustainable lifestyle.
Gender Equality, as one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, is a tool to forge a more inclusive society.
We may take it for granted, but society often doesn’t. We need to take action by engaging our communities and challenge decision-makers.
We know that our commitment can make a difference: our main goal is to create a better future for the next generations.
Throughout our entrepreneurial journey, sometimes people saw us as visionaries. Now, we’re proving that this change is possible. Every day, we’re building it. Today, for tomorrow.”