FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose 24Bottles?

24Bottles merges urbanity, simplicity and grace in a range of products that are all linked by the theme of lightness. Our purpose as a company is that of unburdening the world from disposable plastic bottles, as well as to lighten the planet from the exaggerated amount of plastic waste that fills landfills all over the world. We also interpret lightness in the conception of our designs, and in the overall aesthetics of our brand. The principle we follow is a very simple, classic one: form follows function. And environment too. We focus on simple shapes and forms, slender silhouettes and what is more important, low weight. The Urban Bottle is the handiest and lightest stainless steel bottle on the market: we manufacture a highly portable, urbane, safe alternative to disposable plastic bottles, so as to guarantee the best performance day after day without adding excessive weight to your bag. Other goods we design embrace the same philosophy. Comfort and simplicity come first.

What does -0,08 mean?

24Bottles means drinking in style while helping the planet breathe better. Day by day, step by step, we help you reduce your individual carbon footprint. The number printed on our Urban Bottle, namely 0.08 Kg (2.8 oz), indicates the amount of CO2 emitted in the production of one single disposable 500ml plastic bottle. Therefore it is the quantity of CO2 you avoid releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill your Urban Bottle instead of buying a short-lived single use plastic bottle.

I heard your bottles are carbon neutral, are they?

Yes! The carbon emissions involved in the processes of production, transport and packaging of all our bottles are offset thanks to our partnership with Treedom, enabling us to compensate the overall carbon footprint through international reforestation programs. Learn more about our pledge here.

Why Reusable?

Landfills are packed with water bottles. When you use a reusable water bottle you help reduce the production of bottled water and therefore, the landfill and recycling burden of plastic bottles. When we see bottled water stored on the shelves of supermarkets, we are just looking at the tip of the iceberg. Consider that a huge process is necessary to make bottled water available in shops. This process goes from the production of the plastic bottle, to its filling, transport and storage, all the way to its disposal, after just a few hours of actual use. Each of these steps requires great quantities of energy and therefore produces pollution. Our bottles are built to last, and to offset its own production after only a few refillings. Going reusable will enhance your hydration and unburden the planet from disposable plastic bottles.

Are all bottles BPA-free?

Yes! Our stainless steel bottles and pints are crafted to be as lightweight as aluminium ones, but unlike the latter, 18/8 stainless steel bottles do not need any internal plastic lining that could leach over time, releasing harmful and unhealthy substances such as BPA and phthalates. Our lids and caps are also made from 100% BPA free plastic. In fact, 24Bottles’ lids are made out of the same BPA free plastic used to produce baby bottles.

Why 18/8 stainless steel?

We spare no effort when it comes to the finest quality materials and innovative design. Stainless steel bottles are safer than plastic and aluminium ones, as they can be filled with any kind of beverage without leaching chemicals. That’s why at 24Bottles we chose to rely on the dependability of 18/8 stainless steel to craft our high-quality, long-lasting reusable bottles. In order to create high-performing bottles that are both lightweight, durable and safe, we rely on this highly sustainable, food-grade, non-reactive metal made of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Do your bottles come with an inner plastic liner?

Of course not! Our bottles are made of high-quality, BPA free, food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel that is naturally safe uncoated: the insides of our bottles do not need any plastic liner.

Are your bottles suitable for all beverages?

Sure! Unlike aluminium canteens, the stainless steel we employ to manufacture our reusable bottles is naturally safe unlined and it is ideal to contain and maintain every kind of liquid. Aluminium is not suitable to be in contact with food and beverages (especially warm and acidic ones), as it is highly toxic. Our collections of stainless steel bottles are 100% made from highquality 18/8 stainless steel and downright BPA-free. Both Urban Bottle and Clima Bottle can naturally carry any kind of beverage, warm or cold (see Will my bottle sweat?), acidic or carbonated, over and over again, without imparting any extra flavour or releasing harmful substances.

How do I clean my bottle?

Keeping your 24Bottles clean is easy. We recommend that the bottle be rinsed with warm water after every use, especially if the bottle is used to store a liquid other than water. For deep cleaning we suggest using warm water, mild soap, and a bottle brush. Otherwise, for an equally effective but organic alternative, use a solution made out of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Once washed, let the bottle dry with the cap off and the bottleneck facing downward to let water drain out. Painted bottles are not dishwasher safe. Any possible deformation or flaw coming from placing it in the dishwasher will void the warranty. Only uncoated stainless steel products are dishwasher safe.

Are all your bottles insulated?

No. Urban Bottles are single walled stainless steel bottles, therefore they won’t keep the temperature of the liquid if not combined with 24Bottles’ Thermal Cover. Clima Bottle, on the other hand, is purposely designed to function as a thermos. In fact, the Clima Bottle series come with a vacuum-sealed double stainless steel wall that allows beverages to stay hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 without an additional accessory.

Are the bottles scratch-resistant?

Every paint we choose to finish our bottles is made with an enduring acrylic, resin-based paint, free from lead and other toxic chemicals, authorised for food use. Because safety comes first. It can happen that after some time of normal usage, the paint may start to scratch. A careful use and washing of the bottle will clearly avoid this issue. If dropped, the bottle is likely to dent as well, but there is nothing to worry about regarding its safety: even if dented your stainless steel bottle will continue to serve you well for a long long time, without ever leaching any chemicals or toxins in your beverage. Everyone of us is a bit careless in our own way, that is why we highly recommend the combined use of Urban Bottle and Thermal Cover: this accessory will keep the temperature of your beverage still for hours, while cushioning the bottle from dings and dents. Please visit the specific page for more information about Warranty.

Will my bottle sweat?

Clima Bottle is a double-walled, insulated bottle, therefore the exterior of its body will remain at room temperature, regardless of the temperature of its content, whether it is ice cold or piping hot. Urban Bottle, instead, is a single-walled bottle, not insulated, so it is likely to “sweat” if filled with cold beverages. It is also not recommended for hot liquids, as you can burn yourself while handling. We therefore recommend the use of Thermal Cover.

Where are your bottles made?

24Bottles’ stainless steel bottles and cups are currently manufactured in China, in the Zhejiang Province by certified partners who have implemented and maintain certifications for Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) as well as their Occupational Health and Safety management system (OHSAS 18001). We choose our partners very carefully and frequently visit the facilities ourselves. A continuous dialogue between parts is carried on to make sure work is done in conformity to industry’s high standards for quality and safety, fair labour, ethical business practices and environmental responsibility. A Code of Conduct is agreed between parts to ensure healthy, safe, equitable and responsibly-managed conditions with our suppliers. Social and environmental assessments are constantly conducted, as well as material and product safety testing. Other products by 24Bottles are made in Italy or within the EU.

Can I put my bottle in the freezer?

If you desire a cool beverage, you can put your single walled Urban Bottle in the freezer as long as it is only for a short period of time, as liquids will tend to freeze and expand, damaging the materials of the container. Any deformation coming from this kind of negligence will also void the lifetime warranty. Putting the Urban Bottle in the fridge is safe and won’t cause any damage to your vessel. Please keep in mind that the Clima Bottle should NEVER be put in the freezer or left in freezing conditions, as this would damage the bottle and its thermal capacity (see warranty).

Can I fly with my bottle?

Yes of course. As long as it is empty, you can carry your bottle on board.

What kind of bottles fit in the bottle holder?

Porta Bottiglia can easily be adjusted to carry any Urban Bottle 500ml, Clima Bottles and classic wine bottles up to 750ml capacity.

Can I personalize a bottle with my name?

Yes, some of our bottles can be personalized with a maximum of 14 characters (letters and digits only, spaces included). No further paint will be added: your letters will be laser engraved on the bottle of your choice. 24Bottles dissociate themselves with every form of racism, xenophobia, sexism and religious intolerance. Therefore, we refuse to produce a text that violates our ethical standards. The cost of the service is 6 euros per single custom bottle. Personalized bottles are covered by the general warranty / Personalized bottles are final sale.

Can I modify my order?

Changed your mind, or gave the wrong address at checkout? No worries, we’ve all done it. 
You can modify your order within 15 minutes of placing it by clicking on the “modify order” button showing at the bottom of the order summary.