Gifts for sports lovers: a 24Bottles’ Christmas Gift Guide

01 Dec 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for sports people: sustainable and fashionable with 24Bottles

Christmas Gift Guide 24Bottles sport bottle

Looking for Christmas gifts for sports people isn’t always that easy. That’s why we at 24Bottles designed our bottles and accessories to give them a comfortable experience, with a sense of style.

Sports gear and accessories are often the most searched items during festivities. But they also need to be well thought of to make a wonderful surprise for your loved ones.

24Bottles won’t fall into the heavily stereotyped territory of Christmas gifts for sports people.
Carefully designed in Italy, extra lightweight and sustainable, our reusable bottles make for a valuable and useful gift.

Tempo Grey Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection with Sport Lid

Tempo Grey Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection with its stone finish enables the best grip during the training session. It won’t slip from the hands of your favourite athlete and with the exclusive Sport Lid will deliver the fastest hydration on-the-go.

24Bottles Christmas Gift Guide sport bottle

Christmas Gift Guide: sport bottle?

Agile Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection with Sport Lid Agile Urban Bottle from Athleisure Collection is for the fashionistas that don’t want to get caught off-guard, even in mid-training.
Whether it’s running, Crossfit, tennis, fitness, yoga, jogging, golf, swimming, weightlifting, sailing or skiing, the style will always be in check.

Porta Bottiglia

Porta Bottiglia is the perfect companion for your beloved cyclist.

Made in Italy from regenerated cotton and enriched with soft genuine leatherette details, Porta Bottiglia is a stylish bike accessory designed to amaze even the most demanding cyclist.

Planning a total look?

If you’re looking to surprise someone special, why don’t you just think of a 24Bottles full experience?

There is a wide range of sustainable and useful gifts that can help your loved ones going through their sports routine with style and comfort.

What makes your gift from 24Bottles even more valuable?

With 24Bottles your Christmas gifts are entirely sustainable.

When refilling our stainless steel bottles, you are saving our planet from single-use plastics. Plus, we offset our carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects throughout the world.