Green Smoothie and Infused Water in your 24Bottles by Stella Bellomo!

26 Jun 2020

Summer is officially here with all its marvellous fruits and scents. We thought we’d share two recipes for a Green Smoothie and an Infused Water to taste in your 24Bottles! These are coming straight from an Italian food blogger’s notebook! Stella Bellomo tried them for us and promised they will spice up your day!

Here you can find Stella’s recipes for a vitamin-packed Green Smoothie and a delicate Infused Water: your summer healthy addiction.

Green Smoothies and Infused Water recipes by Stella Bellomo

Albert Einstein used to say that “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Stella agrees with the idea. She’s a nature lover, passionate about photography and good cooking, striving every day to adopt small habits for a sustainable lifestyle, staying as authentic and green as possible.

On her blog (Stella Bellomo – A green and joyful living) and her socials, she shares her creative projects, ranging from recipes to do-it-yourself tutorials, book recommendations and sustainable tips.

We absolutely love her elegant and positive style, bringing us gently to a joyful world, and we are glad she adopted 24Bottles products as everyday allies against single-use plastic.
Let’s discover the two recipes she prepared for us! She says the Green Smoothie is her personal favourite, a real ‘comfort food’, with a genuine taste and super easy to make.

Photo credits: Stella Bellomo.

Green Smoothie featuring Travel Tumbler

This fabulous little smoothie comes with the decisive aromatic notes of raw cocoa enhancing the flavours of the other ingredients. Have a sip during a break from a mountain hike or enliven an office day when you thought you had no new ideas coming!

1 banana
1 bowl of fresh spinach
1 bowl of strawberries and cherries
1 teaspoon of raw cocoa powder

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer until you get a smooth and nice texture. Fill your Travel Tumbler to keep it cool up to 24 hours and enjoy!

Bring it in your purse, bag, backpack and take it with you everywhere: the exclusive Sip&Go Lid is designed to be leakproof but easy for you to open. And if you can’t get enough of this Green Smoothie, remember to choose Travel Tumbler 600 ml, and you will be all set.

Photo credits: Stella Bellomo.

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Infused Water with Clima Bottle and Infuser Lid

We all know how much proper hydration is essential for our body, but sometimes water can get a bit boring. If you are looking for something as satisfying as a fruit juice but with the lightness of freshwater, try this little recipe to get a tasty infusion without adding any sugar.

1 bowl of chopped apricots and strawberries
4 mint leaves

Fill your Infuser Lid with the fruits and the mint leaves, add cool water and insert your Infuser Lid in your 24Bottles. Let flavours blend and enjoy your infused water wherever you want with our all-in-one alternative to the classic teapot making brewing easy and quick.
When you’re done, remove Infuser Lid easily and safely thanks to its heat-resistant grip, then reuse or discard the ingredients.
Remember! Infuser Lid fits all 24Bottles: you can either choose Infuser Bottle (with Infuser Lid already integrated) or choose your favourite bottle and add Infuser Lid to it.

Photo credits: Stella Bellomo.

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