Have an ice ride! 24Bottles at L’Artica

01 Mar 2018

L’Artica is not just a race. It’s not even a race, actually…
As other vintage themed bicycle rides, known as ciclostoriche it is rather an emotional journey through beautiful landscapes, riding along a lively brigade of other 500 vintage-dressed riders while savouring local food and establishing a genuine bond between the people and the territory.
But, among other ciclostoriche, l’Artica has some unique features. It is known for being the first one on the calendar: every January, since 2013, an ever-growing number of brave vintage-dressed riders gather from all around Europe, in the spectacular setting of the Colli Berici to celebrate the love for slow cycling, against the cold winds of Northern Italy. Now you may have understood which is l’Artica main feature… it is super cold!

Indeed, “L’Artica” can be translated as “The Arctic”. Taking place in the coldest days of the year, l’Artica is a one-of-a-kind event, and that’s why we loved it.

Participants are encouraged to take their time experiencing every moment of the ride. At the beginning of the route, l’Artica Staff provides a handbook to the participants that features a to-do list of all the activities to follow during the day. It is more of a list of suggestions than a catalogue of strict rules, though. For example, participants are highly recommended to “assume more calories than the ones burnt”. This should give you the perfect picture of l’Artica experience.
Several refreshment points and food stops are located along the routes, in order to offer the riders the opportunity to taste the culinary traditions of the Veneto region, such as polenta, salt cod, wines and locally brewed IPA… What’s not to enjoy?

The same passion that inspired this group of passionate friends to create a unique event celebrating different angles of Italian cultural heritage is the same that made us create our retro-styled Porta Bottiglia, simply the best way to carry a wine bottle in style when riding your iron horse.