Patterns with a story: the Herringbone’s Italian heritage

The brand-new Clima Bottle that celebrates the high-end Italian Style.

24Bottles Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle

Herringbone has always been a renowned design in the clothing industry and it’s not uncommon to find a few pieces of this historical fabric when rummaging in a fashionista’s wardrobe!

Named after the intricate bone structure of a herring fish, the Herringbone pattern consists of a geometric arrangement of rectangles, parallelograms, lines or alternating twill weaves in a repetitive and symmetric scheme.

24Bottles Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle

From flooring to fabrics, from mosaics to wallpapers, from sculpture to jewellery, the herringbone pattern is utilised in many industries and applications, often used to bring a sophisticated feel to a project.

An ancient pattern

The herringbone patterning was used in the construction of roadways during the Roman Empire, when the interlocking paving system proved to be extremely stable, durable, but pleasing to the eye, too.

Therefore, it’s self-explanatory how the earliest herringbone fabrics were found in ancient Italy.

24Bottles Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle

The Italian Style

That’s why we chose the herringbone pattern for our latest and exclusive Limited Edition Clima Bottle.

In designing the Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle, we wanted to celebrate decades of exquisite Italian craftsmanship and high-end tailoring skills.

24Bottles Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle

The inspiration behind its precious pattern and deliberately uneven finish comes straight from today’s most elegant clothes and apparel, created with the same care and mastery of the old dressmakers who started the iconic made in Italy style.

Herringbone Limited Edition Clima Bottle is the new must-have collectable by 24Bottles!

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