Infuser Bottle

Make your favorite tea in your favorite bottle.


An all-in-one alternative, Infuser Bottle makes brewing easy and quick. More comfortable than a mug, the Infuser Bottle is the best solution to take your most-liked brews on the go. Bring your hot tea to the office and your freshly infused water to the gym.

Hot & cold infusions

Not only green, black and white tea. With the Infuser Bottle, you can also make your favourite infused water, by simply adding chopped fruit and spices for a touch of extra flavour. The infuser is large enough to allow tea leaves to expand fully, thus bringing out the maximum flavour. The filter keeps leaves, spices and fruit pieces in place, to let you savour all the taste with extreme comfort.

Say goodbye to single-use tea bags

The Infuser Bottle is an all-in-one tea accessory which will make your brew moments effortless and even eco-friendly. You’ll only have one thing to wash when you’re finished, and you’ll say goodbye to single-use tea bag once and for all. Remove the infuser easily and safely with its heat-resistant grip and discard the tea leaves, fruits and spices into the organic waste.

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