Inspiration FW 2019/20

02 Sep 2019

Inspiration FW 2019/2020

The Inspiration Fall Winter 2019/20 marks an exciting new chapter for 24Bottles, as we were eager to let you enter our unique cosmo.

We’ve gathered here all the colour breakdowns, thinking and visions which have led our imagination and artistic impulse while working on the new collections.

24Bottles’ Inspirations brings you closer to our Design Team as a guide through our creative process and gives you a sneak peek behind the scenes of where the magic happens.

Inspiration outlines the spirit, ideas and visual outputs of all our patterns and designs to trace a peripheral synthesis of 24Bottles’ new stylistic path: let us guide you through 24Bottles’ world.

Urban Vitality is the perfect representation of 24Bottles’ insatiable lust for colour, an accurate depiction of the brand’s vision leading to an unconventional world.  Vitality has a lot to do with surprising, chance encounters which can easily happen while living in a fast-paced urbanity, where dreamy feels of youthful liveliness render an absolute vibrant spontaneity of shapes and colours.  This newly explored chromatism is the door to the unexpected.

Depicting the duality of a metropolitan city, Eco-utility builds powerful contrasts where clean shapes give an apparent order, but bold colours and systematic repetition integrate chaos elements.  Urban spaces are now lived in by a new, eco-conscious generation, along with its frenetic activity, technological connectivity and double interpretations.  A nod to a functional yet sustainable future, a progressive nature, an urban eco-regeneration: it’s like opening a package to find a completely unforeseen and surprising world.

Patterns transform everyday basics with a focus on organic surfaces, wisely mixed with refined and considered colours. Shapes convey elevated normality, tones are inspired by breathtaking landscapes, and shades resemble familiar places of sparkling modernity.  Marbles, wines and fabulously diverse nature are the intrinsic impulses of the Enhanced Essentialist.  

Get Lost paves the way to a fantasy adventure, enticing the senses and evoking emotions via colour and shapes, portraying the soft feeling of natural textiles and outdoor motifs.  Tones are rich and earthy, patterns explore and experiment with naturescapes, creating a youthful collage with a unique take to the abstract interpretation of nature.

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