Inspiration Fall Winter 2020/21

01 Sep 2020

Inspiration Fall Winter 2020/21

At 24Bottles, we’ve always drawn inspiration by nature and our Planet.
Becoming a certified B Corporation gave us the impulse to explore further our world and cultures without losing our Italian identity.

The artisanal attention to detail influenced the exploration, the colour research, as well as thinking and visions. 24Bottles Design Team’s approach offers a new take on our unique cosmo, an international look with a romantic flavour.

The Fall Winter 2020/21 Inspiration was born from the study of new stylistic paths, identified in four reference themes: Global Heritage, Outdoor Romance, Organic Tech and Surrealist Expedition.

The door to our creative universe
As you walk through the stylistic paths we imagined while creating the new designs, you’ll find yourself immersed in a behind the scenes tour of our Design Team, where the magic happens.

Let us guide you through 24Bottles’ latest creative universe.


Stylistic research is clearly evident in the collections linked to the Organic Tech theme, which reveals an in-depth study of textures in Glam, Textile and Crossroads Collections.
Features, techniques and shades combine in a mix of disruptive and delicate sensations at the same time.

Glam Collection

Young in spirit and timeless in its appeal, the Glam Collection conveys the stylishly elegant colour intensity of Italy’s most exquisite taste for luxury and opulence.

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Textile Collection

The Textile Collection is an immersion in the world of fabrics, a legacy of distant cultures in juxtapositions of desired contrasts, a melting pot of refined and discontinuous continuity.

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Crossroads Collection

Crossroads is an exclusive collection linked to Travel Tumbler, a hymn to architecture that becomes the web of new ways of interpretation, like a legacy to future generations.

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Outdoor Romance is the proposal of a new Romanticism, interpreted with both strength and delicacy by the Floral Collection, which intercepts all shades, from the darkest to the brightest, of a re-written age of enlightenment.

Floral Collection

The Floral Collection is renovated with new design and pattern additions to portray all the hues of romance: from the quiet strength of delicate floral formations and finely blossomed meadows, to the breathtaking audacity of vibrant blooms and nature-inspired fantasies.

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The new take on the Floral Collection outlines a reinvented tradition which blends the refined mood of an antique wallpaper with the quiet strength of metallic accents.

The mix evokes the sense of a new Romanticism, just like a blossomed fantasy.

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Floral arrangements are given an update as we look at the idea of photocopied imagery, juxtaposed against dark backdrops, while botanical silhouettes are stripped back in x-ray inspired print with hand-done painted marking.

Botanical structures are highlighted with shocking and bright colours, while outdoor-inspired details call for statement roses and detailed florals, which are given centre stage.

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A design reinterpretation of McLuhan’s “Global Village” finds its synthesis in the Global Heritage theme.
Designs of Earth, Grand and Infuser Collections are firmly anchored to local traditions revisited in a modern key, which therefore betray hints of inspiration from a universal culture.

Grand Collection

We continued the journey through the inspiration of luxurious materials and interior design with the Grand Collection: sophisticated marbles, polished finishing, metallic hints, charming aesthetic graphics give the collection a unique allure.

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Infuser Collection

The Infuser Collection offers a new approach with an almost artisan flavour.
Intricate line work, freehand, painted marks, random pattern placements, and distorted stripes tell a story of skilful hands and modernised tradition.

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Earth Collection

Our famous Earth Collection is enriched with new colours and soft, tonal variations, which form a full-scale rainbow inspired by landscapes and nature: immerse yourself in the Earth’s charm.

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The journey through the Surrealist Expedition theme explores a planet inhabited by intense, vibrant energies and shades stolen from our Mother Earth and the Universe, re-interpreted by our Athleisure and Expedition Collections.

Expedition Collection

The patterns of the Expedition Collection suggest earthly paths and hiking-inspired silhouettes. Soft, digitally blended gradients are combined with unexpected textures, linking to an idea of discovery and travel.

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Athleisure Collection

The journey in the Surrealist Expedition theme is through a planet inhabited by intense, vibrant energies and shades stolen from our Mother Earth and the Universe.

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Conceptual painterly marks and shades create surreal landscapes while art effects are abstracted through high-contrast palettes which open to new dimensions.

Not surprisingly, the Athleisure Collection bear names of planets and spatial atmospheres radiating vitality and cosmic force.

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