Inspiration Spring Summer 2020

31 Jan 2020

Inspiration Spring Summer 2020

If pure, clean lines are the bones of 24Bottles’ original design, colours and patterns are the heart of our style.

24Bottles’ Design Team has a green soul and a kaleidoscopic mind: the Inspiration Spring Summer 2020 is the map to our new world, from concept to creation.

All the colour breakdowns, reflections and dreams that led our imagination and creative instinct while working on the new collections of 24Bottles have been gathered here.

Inspiration Spring Summer 2020 brings you closer to our Design Team, the beating heart of 24Bottles.

A journey through our creative process among metaphoric islands and visionary paths to give you a sneak peek of 24Bottles’ new stylistic essence.


Cruise Collection

Cruise Collection is your getaway to a fantasy adventure.

Its exotic colours and shapes outline nature’s complexity and create a joyous collage.

Keep that magical holiday feeling alive through these luxurious patterns: an ongoing invitation to daydream.

Discover Cruise

Floral Collection

The Floral Collection will take you to a sensational promenade through enchanted forests, wild bushes and finely blossomed meadows.

Vibrant fantasies of blooms and foliage create a naturally fantastic atmosphere for a soothing digital detox to re-connect with nature.

Discover Floral

Pop Collection

Unexpected motifs in vibrant colours are the highlights of Pop Collection.

A fancy, youthful rejuvenation of urban spaces, along with its frenetic activity, technological connectivity and dual interpretations.

Discover Pop


Pastel Collection

The pretty, soft tones of Pastel Collection give the subdued and dreamy feels of youthful liveliness.

Milky hues form a delightful and charming palette, which delicate force sets a spring-like mood all over the year.

Discover Pastel

Wood Collection

The seamless effect of the Wood Collection will take you to the most rustic atmosphere allowing you to smell the forest scent even from the city jungle.

Choose the fresh colours or keep a total smooth wood look to renew your bond with nature.

Discover Wood

Basic Collection

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Leonardo Da Vinci.

For the Basic Collection, we removed any adornment to go back to the essentials.

The stainless steel that constitutes all of our bottles finally moves into the spotlight to reveal its sleek elegance.

Discover Basic


Earth Collection

The Earth Collection outlines breathtaking landscapes and diverse nature from Scotland to Alaska.

From blue green lakes and sapphire waves, thick woodland and golden beaches, to rocky peaks and sweeping glens shrouded in mist, we immersed ourselves in the Earth’s charm.

The particular uneven Stone Finish adds consistency and gives an extremely accurate texture to the surface.

Discover Earth

Silk Collection

Featuring the pleasant Satin Finish, the Silk Collection dons some exclusive cheery and sweet graphics.

Ribbons of thin flowers and discreet hues blend into a haze of happiness to complete your outfit and set an upbeat mood for any occasion.

Discover Silk

Rover Collection

Inspired by the uneven paths that lead to unexpected adventures, the Rover Collection is a hymn of praise to beautiful, earth tone solids.

The exclusive, hard-wearing finishing will endure all journeys, giving freedom to roam and making each adventure an unforgettable one.

Discover Rover


Grand Collection

Fashionable and classy, the Grand Collection draws inspiration from some icons of the luxury world.

Sophisticated marbles, polished finishing, metallic hints, charming aesthetic graphics give the collection a unique allure.

Discover Grand

Glow Collection

Shine with Glow Collection!

Its shimmering luminescence brings positivity and power to your day while adding an elegant touch to your night.

Discover Glow

Infuser Collection

Pattern transforms everyday basics with a focus on elemental and mineral persuasion in the Infuser Collection.

Organic surfaces are wisely mixed with refined and considered colours and shapes to convey an elevated normality which goes beyond the beautiful functionalism of modern durability.

Discover Infuser

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