Bottle Tie: carrying your 24Bottles is now safe and stylish

14 Nov 2019

Why Bottle Tie?

Bottle Tie is the ultimate, new-born accessory to your 24Bottles, the most comfortable and stylish way to carry it safely and with a secure grip, throughout the day.

We want your battle against plastic to continue in your every-day life, so we came up with a solution for you to carry your 24Bottles with you in the most comfortable way, providing a strong hold but without sacrificing your style.

Especially designed for 24Bottles

As for our bottles, Bottle Tie has been created exclusively to adapt to our idea of design: a useful object that does not sacrifice its appearance.

We called it Bottle Tie because we thought of it as a real accessory for your reusable bottle: functional but extremely fashionable.

We designed it exclusively to adapt to all 24Bottles way-of-life: whether yours is a more casual or formal style, thanks to Bottle Tie you can secure your bottle to your bag or tie it up to your trouser loop.

Your 24Bottles becomes a real part of your outfit that will not go unnoticed, as a fashion statement as well as striking plastic-free engagement.

Bottle Tie: how to use it

Gentle and Reliable

No carabiner needed. When 24Bottles’ customers asked us for a solid carrier to use with all of our bottles’ sizes, we imagined something with a tight grip, of course, but out of the ordinary, with a stylish look.

Our idea of design also means comfort. The smooth lines of Bottle Tie have found their natural match in the soft touch of silicone, a gentle material that, unlike common carabiners, will never damage your reusable bottle or any other object it may get in contact with.

You can trust it with your style and your bottle’s safety.

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