Only drinks in your Travel Tumbler?
Not anymore.

29 Sep 2020

We thought about you and created Fill&Go Lid

You know Travel Tumbler as the best ally to carry hot or cold drinks every day while on the go: the most stylish way to have your favourite tea or coffee any time throughout the day.

At 24Bottles we thought about you and asked ourselves: why only drinks? Food would be superb! With Fill&Go Lid you can now keep your favourite food either hot or cold for hours (depending on both the kind of food and the serving temperature) and bring it with you wherever you like. Fill&Go Lid fits all sizes of Travel Tumbler by 24Bottles.

Travel Tumbler is now home for your food

We wanted to make your life tastier and created the latest 24Bottles must-have accessory to let your Travel Tumbler taste-up your life: we’re pleased to introduce Fill&Go Lid.

Always late in the morning and have no time to make breakfast at home? Close your Travel Tumbler with Fill&Go Lid and enjoy your yoghurt bowl with honey, almonds and fruits at your desk once at the office.

Fill&Go Lid is perfectly leakproof, with heat-resistant grip and presented with native black Bottle Tie, the most comfortable solution to carry your Travel Tumbler safely throughout the day. Bottle Tie is removable so that you can use it also on your 24Bottles.

Do you like to have your hot lunch at work? Carry your noodles in your Travel Tumbler with Fill&Go Lid.

Always in need of a boost of energy after the gym? Fill&Go Lid makes your Travel Tumbler the perfect place to keep your energy snacks fresh all day long.

Does it happen to you as well to never have time for yourself? Take half-hour only for you today, go to that park you like the most and while you’re lying on the grass reading a book enjoy your veggie snacks.

Is it midsummer time? Bring your favourite ice-cream in your Travel Tumbler and taste it in a few hours while on the beach.

Thanks to Fill&Go Lid, your Travel Tumbler is now home for your favourite food to be tasted in your everyday moments as well as in your unforgettable adventures.

Travel Tumbler is available in many patterns.

Shop now the Travel Tumbler design that best matches your
style and enjoy any recipe you want anywhere you like.

Travel Tumbler Fill&Go Lid