How to keep busy and creative during COVID-19 quarantine: 24Bottles brings you a photographer’s tips

29 Apr 2020

24Bottles and Samuele: sneak peek inside a photographer’s quarantine

Recently, all of us had to change habits, staying home to contain the spread of COVID-19.
The restriction of freedom is hard on everyone, but how do you adjust to quarantine, when you are used to be surrounded by the mountain’s light, its crisp air and boundless spaces?

Samuele is a nature photographer who lives in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol.
He founded a photography, video and graphic production agency with a friend, and his natural environment is the Dolomites. So, he is used to being overwhelmed by beauty.

We had a chat while he was sipping a large coffee under the affectionate surveillance of his French bulldog, Coco.

Samuele, how do you use this time at home?

Part of my job consists of organizing photography workshops around the world to find locations where to shoot the most breathtaking pictures of landscapes.

They are beautiful experiences, which become first of all opportunities to share the love of photography with other enthusiasts but they require a great deal of organizational work.
So, I am using this time to imagine our future adventures by planning the next trips.

How do you choose locations?
Sometimes I feel like the images create themselves in front of my lens: a light fog, the profile of the trees and a cloud’s arabesques pose for me, and I don’t have to add anything to make a beautiful picture.
But there are a few tricks I use when scouting locations.

First of all, I study an itinerary.
With a map and the help of Google Earth, I explore the sites I chose, trying to figure out where I can find the most interesting points of view.
Then, I imagine the sun’s path in each particular location: when does it rise? When does it set?

Some glaciers become particularly majestic in the first cold light of dawn, or deserts that take a thousand red tones at sunset.
Once I’ve gathered this information, I’ll make sure to organize our movements so that we capture every landscape at its best.

Where is the first place you’ll go once quarantine is over?
Iceland! That’s where our next workshop is going to take place. A country that I have already visited many times but that never ceases to amaze me.

A unique, suffused sky, the magic of Northern Lights, the lagoons of the glaciers: the best of my photographs cannot picture the complexity and power of Icelandic nature.

Which 24Bottles do you use the most?

Those who love nature respect it and those who live near the mountains are the most aware of how small we are if we compared to them.

For years I’ve been trying to reduce the use of single-use plastic, especially when I am travelling. My favourite 24Bottles reminds me of our bond with nature, with its beautiful pattern inspired by wood grain.

I carry with me a Travel Tumbler Sequoia Wood 600 ml, functional and reusable. I can fill it at springs and shelters, and it keeps my drinks always at the right temperature.

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