Let The Bell Ring! Improve your hydration skills for this Back to School

03 Sep 2018

Get Ready For Going Back To Class.

September has just begun and soon we will be back to our daily routines after the lovely Summer break. A wealth of good memories is still fresh in our minds, so why not put them down on paper?

To make your being back to class more pleasant, we paired up with the Italian design brand Write Sketch & to provide you with some nice essentials that will help you take the best out of your days in the class.

Our friends at Write Sketch & manage to combine an avant-garde aesthetic language with a deeply international vision in all their products, providing high-quality stationery since the establishment of their brand in 2014.
Their Super Confetti and Super Fall notebooks rhyme perfectly with our art-inspired Geometric and Optical Collections.

Staying hydrated when at your desk will help you keep your focus and boost your productivity throughout the day while nurturing your creativity.

That is why you should always carry a fancy reusable water bottle along when you are packing up for school.
Single-use plastic bottles would do for a very limited (uh… one) time only. Since refilling them after use is just not the best choice you can make, they will only create unnecessary waste.

Choose among a variety of different combos featuring our beloved Urban and Clima Bottles along with some sketchbooks and notebooks from our Italian partners.

Get creative, stay hydrated!