Mini Me Gift Box: multiple sizes, same style, double fun!

15 Nov 2021

Mini Me

Mini Me Gift Box is the perfect gift idea to create matching styles for kids and grown-ups, couples, or give friends a multiple-size coordinated set.

Mini Me Gift Box: the best gift idea with a functional plus

24Bottles’ bestseller colours and patterns now come together in a special multiple-size box.

The bundle includes Sport Lid, the functional accessory that fits both sizes and features a pop-up straw.

This main peculiarity adds a versatile use to standard bottles, allowing non-stop drinking.

Sport Lid ensures better workout hydration for adults as well as one-hand opening system, extremely useful for kids.

Parents and kids, couples or friends can now avoid single-use plastic bottles together by adopting stainless steel reusable bottles with matching styles!

Leading by example: embrace sustainability from an early age

The Mini Me Gift Box is the perfect gift for parents and kids. Now they can share styles and special moments with a cheerful invitation to embrace a sustainable lifestyle from an early age, to safeguard our Planet.

Kids are always trying to reflect the adults’ style, looking for bonding elements.

Now parents can inspire their kids in echoing their footprint and create plastic-free Mini Me adventures.

With 24Bottles’ fun and colourful designs, following the matchy-matchy trend is now a green choice.

Mini Me Gift Box: [green] fun for everyone!

The 24Bottles Mini Me bundle is not only meant for parents and kids, couples or friends.

Everyone can use the bundle to add functionality and comfort to their everyday life.

You can use the 500ml bottle during the day at the office, then switch to the mini-size putting it in your clutch for a night out.

24Bottles is always a good idea, even miniature-sized. Scaled-down versions are a new, conscious effort to promote sustainability, prioritise design and functionality while doubling the fun!

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