My Reusable Water Bottle And Me

19 Jun 2018

Keep reusing it for as long as you can!

Think about how much care we put into keeping our smartphones safe, and still how often does it happen that we drop it? Or we just put it away carelessly in our pockets and it ends up with some scuffs on the screen. What can we do about it? We just take a deep breath and get along with it.
Whatever our lifestyles can be, as careful as we can possibly act, we all suffer from a bit of clumsiness, and distraction that can result in our bottles ending up with some scratches or bumps. But, why worry? Clumsiness is adorable, and things happen… we have to live with it.
Let’s focus on the bright side of this. Think about how much you love your worn sneakers, and how difficult is to separate from them, even when they’re really, really over. Your personal, everyday objects become part of your life and their external appearance won’t change the affection you have always put towards them. Your bottle, as well, can lose a little bit of paint and get some bumps, but actually it gains a lot more character.
Every scratch or chip on its surface will still make you remind about your adventures, your journeys and the funny moments and experiences you have lived together.

Remember that picnic on the top of the hill? When you tried to reach your water bottle to quench your thirst after the long walk uphill, you accidentally bumped into it, and then you had to chase it all the way down the slope, watching her roll away.
Scratches and scuffs can come out as a result of the fast and demanding daily routine of city life. Always in a hurry, from time to time, you may put less effort than usual in packing your bag. Some of the objects can bump into each other, while you step fast to reach the bus stop, or ride your bike to the office.
Don’t be so worried if your bottle is not as perfect-looking as it was the first day you both met. It is still beautiful and, more important, it is still safe to drink from. Unlike aluminum canteens, our stainless-steel bottles can get bumps and still survive tumbles, keeping their qualities intact. Despite putting them through the ringer, our water bottles will never leak nor leach any chemicals into your drinks, so much so that you can continue to be that clumsy person everyone adores.
By the way, kitty is coming over. You might want to move your bottle away from the edge of the table ; )